Better Than Happily Never After

Mum, I was only pretending to sleep when
You quietly walked into my bedroom and
Gently caressed my face, whispering your
Aspirations for me that final midnight before
I flew above the clouds to a place neither of us
Had previously seen but acknowledged because
We feared inferno would engulf me otherwise

And when the intensity of your emotions
Became painfully obvious, my heart prayed
For us to be blessed with courage especially
At departure time when I would drag my
Suitcase along the driveway then turn and
Examine your urge caused by taunt to scream
In agony until the neighbours complained.

However, since arriving at this destination once
Estimated to cease weeping for warm milk
And honey, I've been forced to swallow the
Poison of reality, inevitably suffering nasty
Consequences that are only tamed by thoughts
Of me holding you again whilst stroking
Your unblemished skin with my fingertips

Because as I currently analyse my life status
Afloat this lake ablaze by happily never after,
I quickly realise the pure beauty of your
Love, which in turn has made me hate myself
For allowing artificial dreams to masquerade
The greatest happiness compatible with
Me at this present time that is, you.

But I also understand the significance of this
Situation in regards to growing emotionally as a
Person, so Mum, for survival, I've decided that
I will abandon this hell tonight and fly home to wipe
Your hidden tears away, using my new intelligence
To strengthen our relationship, so please don't hurt
Anymore, just anticipate my return with hope and joy…