I'll be your queen if you'll be my king.

But, no.

Can I have that crown back, please?
You simply won't do.

To be Santa Claus on an October night,
what are you doing?

And don't kiss my hair through that (stupid) white beard.
don't you know where I came from? Or where I'll be tomorrow?

Not missing who we are (or who we could be.)
I simply am (without problems or pride).

Simply am what?
I am artistic in my tiny minisucle fashionable lovely brilliant... lies.

You couldn't understand, darling. So don't call me (i know you won't anyway).

Don't tell me you love me again, I hated it when you said it.

Guess what, BABY...

you think i care and thought about and worried about and stressed about a simple boy? a simple (geeky, condescending, junkie) frat boy?

you don't know me well enough to love me.

A/N: this is a new style I've never really written in, so don't be too harsh.