Sara let her head fall against her desk, glad the day was over. Ever since she and Haley decided to split up the kids, Haley taking the older children while Sara managed the younger ones, Sara seemed to be more tired when the school day came to an end than when it began. She finally stood and gathered her materials, though she stopped her movements when her eyes landed on Jake. Her heart fluttered, just as it always did, when she saw him. He smiled slightly and walked into the school; Sara saw the love in his eyes; she was still trying to get used to it though they had been married for nearly a year and a half. His smile grew as he stepped closer. When she was within reach, Jake pulled his wife close.

"How was your day?"

Sara didn't answer, but buried her face in Jake's shirt. Just by being there, holding her, Jake made Sara's afternoon better. He finally kissed her softly and whispered

"Come on, let's get out of here."

They talked quietly as they walked, though mostly they were silent; words were not needed anymore. Though they had not been married as long as Seth and Haley or Sam and Cole, they finally understood what it was like to be married to your best friend. They walked past their own house and continued on to Sam and Cole's. Sara was already fidgeting. Jake hooked her around the waist and pulled her close to him.

"Why are you so nervous?"

Sara didn't answer but kissed him instead. As soon as they were on Sam and Cole's property, Jake took the initiative. Together they hurried to the front door, almost unwilling to wait anymore. Without knocking, the two burst inside. Sam and Cole looked up shock; Mitch was sitting in his father's lap while Sam fed 11 month old Grace. The little girl favored her father in looks, but her mannerisms were all Sam. Sara grinned slightly and huffed

"Where are Haley and Seth; they said they were coming over today."

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Seth walked in carrying 15 month old Elizabeth on his hip. Haley was right behind him, and she quickly said

"Sorry…we tried to be here sooner, but apparently Seth is now a fashion major who decided that orange and red went together on our daughter."

Seth and Haley's daughter was a spitting image of Haley, though she was Daddy's girl. Sara and Jake exchanged a look, the smiles on their faces growing. Seth just shook his head and said

"Ok fine…you win. I will leave you in charge of dressing Elizabeth."

Haley kissed her husband quickly before whispered

"Thank you. Now…what is going on?"

Everyone looked to Jake and Sara, who glanced at each other before Jake said

"So we were thinking maybe Mark for a boy?"

Sam and Haley immediate squealed and pulled Sara into a hug. The Waters found out they were expecting almost three months ago, but wanted to make sure nothing happened to Sara or the baby early on before saying anything. When they left the doctors yesterday, he told them that unless something serious happened to Sara, she would carry to full term. They had celebrated privately before coming to tell her family, which had been a high priority on Sara's list. She was ecstatic and had been dying to tell Sam and Haley since she found out, but after talking to Jake and the doctor, it had been a wise decision. Now, she hugged both of her sisters as Sam said

"Oh this is so exciting. Sara, we should probably…"

Sara nodded as if she was listening to her sister, but her eyes were searching for Jake. He was talking with Seth and Cole, grinning from ear to ear as he had been doing since yesterday afternoon. Still, Sara knew he felt her looking at him because he turned to look at her as well. Sara, without realizing it, let her hand fall to her stomach. She smiled at her husband and looked at those around her, knowing she was happy with her life and was finally home.