Dripping Wax

Chapter 1: Glasses, Bathrooms, and Bugs

"Virgil!!! Wake UP!!!!" said a blurry mass of hair ,hovering over Virgil's bed.

"Huh? What? Five more minutes, Anatolia" Virgil muttered.

"This'll teach you to not listen to me" Anatolia said. Virgilius sat up, wrinkling his once perfectly made bed.

"What will teach me?" He said with a certain sass that only he could accomplish.

"You'll see, Virgilius Constinescu" He could just make out the smirk on her face as she walked down the hall.

Virgil got of his bed and stumbled down the hall to his bathroom. For some reason the bathroom was his favorite room, with it's spotless white walls, elegant bathtub, and immaculate sink. He took the comb out of the medicine cabinet and combed his shaggy black hair into the usual style, a side-swept bang that grazed his eyes. The rest of his hair clung to his face, sides of his head, and the back of his neck. Next, Virgil applied sun screen to his ghostly pale skin. Without the sun screen, he would get severe sunburn.

He went back into his bedroom and put on some seemingly clean clothes, his favorite watch, and shoes. Virgil went downstairs to meet his sister, Anatolia.

"You forgot to put your glasses on." She said

"I don't understand why I need the blasted things, I can see perfectly fine with out them."

"But the optometrist prescribed them, so it is my duty to enforce his prescription." He took the glasses from her hand. "You need a ride to school?" Anatolia asked.

"Yeah. Do you mind if you drop me off in the parking lot in front of the "Quad"? I have to meet Tamas there." Tamas was Virgil's friend who talked in third person. He was actually quite popular despite that.

"Sure Virg" Virgil cringed at one of his less popular nicknames. They walked to the bright yellow VW Bug, that made its home on his driveway. They climbed into the car's interior.

"Why do you drive this thing? It's one of the most horrible vehicles that inhabits the Earth."

" What? Oh, you mean Ol' Dragonfly here. I drive Dragonfly, because I like Volkswagens."

Soon they pulled up at the "Quad's" parking lot .

"Bye. Do you know when you are getting of your shift at Bellview Hospital?"

" Around 7:30. #$#$!!! I'm late!!!! Bye Virg!!!" And with that the bright yellow VW Bug sped off.