Chapter 2:

The Beginnings Of Fangs

With a cringe on his face from his hated nickname he entered the "Quad." No student at Rippling Waters Middle/High School knew why the "Quad" was called the quad. It had nothing to do with the number four. Virgil looked around the Quad for Tamas.

"What's up Virgin Mary?" said deep voice. The voice belonged to Emil Dolph, the school's bully. Next to him were his goons, Ferdinand Gustad and Otto Keifer.

"Nothing, Dolph. Shouldn't you be going to Mr. Fritz's room for the third year in a row?"

"Shut up Mary!" Otto and Ferdinand said in unison as they lunged towards his arms. Their hands clamped tight around Virgil's forearm and twisted his arms so they went behind his back.

"Get him Emil!!" Otto snarled, practically in Virgil's ear. At his friend's command, Emil struck "Mary" in the stomach and face. The blows left Virgil furious, his mind filled with thoughts of violence.

"Come on." And at the at the order of Emil, Otto and Ferdinand left the scene.

Virgil was left on the ground with a bloody nose and a cramping pain in his stomach. He could feel something protruding in his mouth. He flicked his tongue around in his mouth. It ran over 2 sharpened teeth at the front of his mouth. Virgil looked up, and saw Sven with a disgusted look on his face."What happened to Virgilius?" Sven asked

"Emil happened to me." He mumbled trying to hide his new found fangs.

"Sven will beat Emil up."

"OK Sven, what ever you say." Another one of Virgil's friends came over to look at his condition.

"Hello, Retna." Virgil muttered. Retna was an Indian girl with shoulder-length black hair and shockingly green eyes.

" Hi, Sven. Hey Virgil. Did Emil do this to you? Someone needs to teach that boy a lesson. " The screeching bell of the school rang around the Quad, signaling children to look up like startled antelopes. After students came to the horrific realization that the bell had rung ,the stampede of sneaker hooves started. People narrowly avoided the trio that was currently on the ground. As soon as they reached inside the stampede broke up. "You guys need to go to class, I'll go to the nurse." Virgil said as he was walking to the nurse's office. He ducked into the nurse's office, when he saw Emil going into the Principal's Office. The smell of bleach and medicine stung his eyes and nose as he sat down in one of the waiting room chairs. The nurse was a kind, plump woman who helped Virgil everyday after his morning beatings. She came out the door next to the waiting room.

"Virgil, what happened to you?"

"Nothing, Nurse Ines."

"You shouldn't lie." She said as she cleaned up the blood that was trickling down from his nose. The nurse shooed Virgil off into the hall. "By the way Virgil, What's the time?" She yelled out the door as he was walking off. At the mention of time he looked down his watch. It read 8:01.

"It's 8:01, Nurse Ines!"


As he was walking he examined his watch more closely. It was old, and leather straps. On the back, the words , Blood Is Life, were engraved. But the most unusual thing about this was the symbol on the inside , It was a dash with a triangle on each side.

Virgil was late to class, as always. He arrived to a furious Ms. Key.

"Why are you late again?!" Ms. Key shrieked

"I had to go to the nurses office again."

"Sit down!" Virgil mosyed down to the seat in the back, away from the light. Ms. Key carried on with the montonus sentences, that she said every 45 miniutes of hell that she called her class. Meanwhile in the back of the class, Virgul continued to run his tounge over the fangs that lasted longer than he expected.

"I've got to tell Anatolia about this."