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Bree: Windows and Doors

I lay in bed with Jay, with his arm wrapped around me, staring at the pallor ceiling. I guess I wasn't going to school today…

I turned over, just to see what time it was. I probably should have gotten all panicked because it was so late, but that didn't bother me one bit. The blaring red lights on my digital clock read twelve o five, but I didn't give a damn; it was probably the alcohol making me that way. Lying next to Jay was all I cared about I would continue to do it forever if I could.

I simpered in sweet bliss because I was madly in love and nothing else mattered. Then, reluctantly, I got up to put some music on. I flounced over to my stereo in my black underwear and bent promiscuously down. As I put our favorite radio station on my subtle brown curls bounced around.

Then, I jumped back in bed and snuggled close to Jay and pecked him on the cheek. He kissed me back, first on my forehead, then on my nose, and then right on my lips. Then he kissed me deeper for a second time as his hands became entwined with my hair and mine around his neck. Soon enough things were really heating up and our hearts kept beat with the hyper music. We were really getting into it when there was a much unexpected visitor.

My dad.

Jay was kissing and caressing me with his gentle hands gingerly grazing over my skin and then I heard the door bang open.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" screamed my father as I almost choked on Jay's tongue.

I jumped off of Jay and pulled the covers tightly around me as Jay jumped out of bed. My father ran into the room, his face as red as a tomato, trying to grab Jay while he made his way towards my window. As he did so I ran to my bathroom and put my robe on and then went to the bathroom window. As I looked over to the other window I could see Jay trying to get out.

Half of his body was free, while the other half was being ripped and punched apart by my aggressive father. Finally Jay got free and ran the fastest I've ever seen him run and I wouldn't blame him either. My dad wasn't one to mess with when it came to his little princess or so he thought I was.

I had absolutely no clue what my father was going to do to him. It was even scarier than before when he was trying to rip my boyfriend apart; now there was just silence, dead silence. My father slumped over the window sill and stuck his head out so I couldn't see it from where I was. Then, he brought his head back inside and slammed it against the window frame a couple of times. In the silence that followed I watched him carefully fearing him like no girl should ever have to fear their father.

Then he whispered, almost inaudible.

"Christ, Brianna. What the hell do you think you're doing?" And just like that he walked out of my room.

I didn't know what to make of the situation because with my fathers short fuse I knew that his temper could be back at any minute, but he had just sounded so completely disappointed in me. I had never seen my father act so strangely, but I knew for sure that he wasn't done with me just yet.

As I stood there paralyzed I heard footsteps coming back towards my room, but they soon stopped. I still couldn't move and I didn't want to, or I didn't want to have to face my dad at least.

He had never given me the sex talk because he thought that I was mature enough to know that sex could lead to some serious mistakes; I guess he was probably regretting those choices now…

All of a sudden I heard a drill hum and I ran out of the bathroom to see my father unhinging my door.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled in disbelief.

"You're a smart girl," he wouldn't look at me, but then there was a pause in his words, "or, at least I thought you were. What does it look like I'm doing?"

"But, dad, no! Please don't do this!" I said and I could feel those unstoppable hot tears forming in my eyes.

"I have no choice. I thought that I could trust you, but I obviously can't." And the second hinge popped out of place. I backed up to the edge of my bed and began to weep. How could he do this? My room was my sanctuary, my place of peace and when I stared past the door right into the living room all of those feelings evaporated. Soon enough my dad was finished unhinging that door and moved on to the bathroom door. Once he put the doors away where I wouldn't reach them he, unbelievably, screwed my windows shut.

Once he had finished up in my room he went off to his own room while I lay in bed with a migraine, a stuffy nose, and red blotchy eyes. Later, when I woke up, it was around nine and I knew my mom was home from the smell or her amazing cooking. As I lay in bed with the darkness enveloping me I could hear the soft sizzle from the frying pan with my father's voice accompanying it.

"I'm telling you Martha, we have to do something about her. A simple sex talk isn't going to work with her after what she's been through already."

"I know, but what are you going to do?"

"I don't know, but as long as she stays here she'll be around that boy and he's the cause of our problems."

"You want to send her away?"

"I think it's the only thing we can do…"

By this point in their conversation I was pissed. First off, that "boy" had a name and it was Jay. Secondly, the sex talk would be fine because it's not like Jay and I have ever had sex and it's not like he was going to get in the house at night with my windows boarded up. Thirdly, Jay was not the cause of "our" problems, he was the answer to long awaited ones. Without Jay I was nothing without him there was no me and that was soon to become true in both literal and figurative ways. And lastly, my parents would never send me away, because I wouldn't go, that was for sure.

"I don't know…maybe she should see her guidance councilor or the school psychiatrist."

"Honey, that won't do anything as long as that boy is around. She needs to get away from here."

"So boarding school is the answer?"

"No, there's no structure there. We need to send her to a place where they focus on people's main weaknesses, because this is obviously hers and if we don't do this she could be pregnant before we know, with some guy that she doesn't even know."

"I guess you're right."

"Trust me, this is best for her."

"We'll see."

There wasn't going to be any "seeing" because I wasn't going to go anywhere. And that was final. A little while later, while I pretended to be asleep my mom came in my room and woke me up.



"Dinner's ready."

"Okay, be right out." A minute or so later I got up and went to the dinner table where fate proved it wasn't on my side.

As I zombie-walked to the table my father was over at the wine cabinets and my mom waiting for him.

"Martha, where's the bottle of red wine that we had last night?" Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. I was screwed.

"I put it back in the cabinet. Isn't it there?"

"No…it's not," he said while slightly turning in my direction.

"Why are you looking at me? I didn't touch it." Shit, shit, shit. Did he know? What would he do if he found out that I took the wine? Thankfully though, my father just shrugged it off and got another bottle and brought it to the table.

Dinner that night was very stressed and quiet. The conversations were once again, stressed and few and I ate as fast as I could to get out of there. Once I finished eating I went back to my room and slept.

The next morning when I got up for school my dad was still there so I got showered and dressed at lightening speed so I could get out of the house without commentary about yesterday. When I finally did get out I met Jay on the bus.

"I hope you didn't get in a lot of trouble because of me," he said as we held hands.

"My dad locked my windows and took down my doors. He totally doesn't trust me anymore."

"Well, he can't take me away."

"But he can take me away."

"What are you talking about?"

"He wants to send me to a boarding school or some shit like that."

"I'd never let him do that."

"I know," and I smiled because I truly believed that Jay wouldn't let him do that. He would fight for me forever and not care at all bout what people had to say about it.

School went by in its dull monotonous self, but finally ended and I could see Jay again. Since Jay didn't have a job we usually had no money to spend on liquor and even though I had the liquor cabinets at home, my dad was suspicious now more than ever. So, we had to result in the last thing we could: stealing.

Jay and I would go to the drug store sometimes to get random stuff and then head over to the liquor store. He would stay in the car while I shoplifted the alcohol, but I wasn't very good at it…

After school we headed toward the liquor store and as Jay waited in the car, I made my way inside. I made my way to the back where I knew the camera's couldn't see me and slid a bottle in my big purse. I pretended to browse around for a little while then went to the cash register where I bought a pack of gum.

"Hey, can I ask you a question?" the man asked.


"Why is it that every week you come into this store, walk around, then buy a piece of gum, but never buy any liquor?" Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

"Well…I used to suffer from alcoholism, so I come in here and walk around and not being able to buy the liquor makes me stronger in a way. Gum is my new addiction." I smiled sweetly and tried to be on my way. "So how much do I owe you?"

"The usual."

"Oh, yeah, right." I put my purse on the counter and there was a loud thud and I panicked. I prayed that they guy didn't hear the noise, but he heard it all too well and when I opened my bag he saw all too well.

"A recovering alcoholic, is that right? Save it for the police." Shit, oh shit, oh shit. I was in major shit now.

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