your alarm clock is beeping red through your blue mouth
(it's time for me to go now)
and the ceiling fan is broken and
it's getting hot in here
a lava lamp and a disco ball, you never mentioned this was a party
so where are all the people?

your body is neon
but i'm still in black and white, so if you want this
then touch on me and let's make my heart flash
because yesterday i had scarecrow lashes and yellowstraw hair
i'm faded, transclucent
don't look through me though
i want you to feel this

i want your (thank you) cherry neon red lips and your
cotton candy pink tongue and the sprinkles
falling from your rainbow head when you shake it it's like london bridge falls down
i'm your candy baby, only i'm anything but sweet
flip hypnotic switches and turn on the lights inside
and we can glow in the dark tonight

turn on the techno and put a pill in my mouth
and we can drag kisses and nails across our skins until we've got goosebumps
and you can call on me (call on me)
because when your name lights up my screen my world turns technicolor
i want your powder pixie dust in my veins and
your electric eyes on my static body
under flurescent lighting you are
scented chemically, you are hot pink sex and
cold green sweat

you electrify me with your touch and my hair is standing on end
i'm in toxic shock
(thank you)
gasoline pouring through you and we
collapse and listen to our pulses slow and speed
adrenaline junkies
this is december first but you feel like july
move with me under threethousand pounds of beats from your (falling) ceiling
but this is weightless i am barely. here. i am all. here.
i want your throat beat (mptampta) all over my chest, my heart,
you are something a little bit electric and i
just got electrified.