Chapter 2

The clock read 6:30 am. I AM NOT a morning person. I gathered up my stuff and headed for the bathroom. "Sugar honey Iced tea" I was hopping on one foot and yelling. I had just stubbed my toe. I hate mornings.

I wish I could say I got out of the shower feeling rejuvenated and ready for the world. That is not how it went, for the first five minutes it was insanely relaxing I was using the soap that I had gotten from Bath and Body Works it was called Velvet Tuberose, the scent was kinda hard to describe, it smelled like white freesias with an underlying musky scent to it. Then all of a sudden the water turned cold. Gee thanks mom. I hurried out of the shower just a little agitated from being so cruelly wrenched from the relaxing ritual that starts my morning. Today was not going to be a good day, I could tell I should have gone back to bed with my sore toe and pretended to be sick so that I could have a bad day without the intrusion of insanely nosy people that know nothing about me.

I was in my room getting dressed for the day. I didn't feel like being pretty today so I decided to let the world know about how I was feeling today. I put on a long black sleeved shirt, the shirt wasn't spectacular, just a black V-neck and kinda clingy. Then I put on some baggy sweatpants, then to top it off I put on a huge hoodie, and pulled on some high top converses. I looked kinda like a bum, I was not trying to impress people today. I grabbed my keys, my ipod, and my phone and then splashed some Usher on my wrists and on my chest, it has a woodsy type smell, almost like cologne but not quite. Although I looked like a bum I was not going to smell like one. I was finally ready to leave, so I headed downstairs.

"You're not leaving my house looking like that" my mother said out of nowhere. "Turn your ass around and put on an outfit that makes you look like you belong on society, and fool people into believing your in a pleasant mood. She said while leaning against the door so that I couldn't leave.

"Yes ma'am" I said and turned right back around. I kept on the shirt, it was actually one of my favorites. I put on a pair of well fitting jeans and traded my converses for some peep toe black ballerina flats with a red heart next to my toes, that matched my toenail polish. So now instead of looking like some bum from the street, I looked normal.

I put my hair into a ponytail, my mom was always nagging me about my hair. "Mya, you have such beautiful hair, can you do more than put it into a ponytail?" Oh well, if I couldn't go looking like an angry bum, then I could be invisible. I looked like a girl again, so I grabbed my bag, one of those huge ones that you could fit like four newborns or a toddler into. Then I stuffed it with my daily necessities such as my keys, ipod, and phone. I was finally ready to leave so I went downstairs for inspection.

"You could have done something else with your hair." She picked yet again.

"Mom, I thought doctors were on call 24/7 and didn't have time to nitpick with details at home.

"This one does," she said.

"Well Miss Details," I said in a tone that I know my mother hated. "You should know that I have been running late since my wardrobe change, so I didn't have time to do my hair.

"Fine." She conceded, "tomorrow, you're up at 5." I looked at her like she had another face, with teeth growing out of the side of her own face.

"Mom, before we moved here the routine was be up a 7 be ready-ish by 7:15" Now she looked at me funny.

"Whatever, you'll be up by five." She said to me while moving so that I could walk out the door.

"And down by 5:02" I said while walking down the sidewalk. I looked at my car, it was black at first glance then became blue as I drove. It was a present from them, my former family.

"Mija," my dad said "If you bring home a 3.5 or higher I will buy you your first car." He promised me.

"And we being the incredible mechanics that we are, will trick that baby out" My oldest brother, Javi said. I knew I was getting my car, I had checked my grades the day before at school. I had an A in literature, I was flirting with a B from the current C in my math class, I had a solid B in Anatomy & Physiology, an A in music, history, and P.E. There was no way in hell that I wasn't getting a car.

"Y'all know she's getting a car right?" Hector said, he was the second oldest and my favorite brother. He was always buying me gifts for some reason or another. He bought me a tennis bracelet because I wasn't pregnant, and was right there. I could see, feel, taste walking across that stage.

"Duh, we're not fu-flippin stupid," censoring himself because of the glare he was receiving from my mother. "Our hermanita is a friggin' genius."

So when report cards came I got a car and then my brothers modified it for me.

So now here I am late for school, looking at the reminder of what used to be.

"You can take my car," my mother said from behind me. I guess she was watching me.

"Thanks." I said quietly. My mom only worked around the corner and didn't need to drive. I walked up and got the keys from her. I walked to her car, it was a pretty non-nondescript Honda. It was a boring car compared to mine, but I was late and it was a fifteen minute drive to school. Amy Winehouse's Stronger Than Me was playing, I love her Frank album it is so reminiscent of good jazz and r&b.

I got to the school. It looked like a mental institution straight from a horror movie. Langley High School, the school looked depressing. It had a granite front, with bars on the windows. There were a shit load of stairs in front of the building. It looked like hell on earth. I walked into the office, through hallway that were painted some sort of puke/sea foam green. The tiles in the hallway looked old and scuffed. The was a carpet in the office It was brown mustard in color. There was a wooden bench pressed against the wall to the left of the door, at the moment it was empty but I could imagine kids lined up there waiting to see the principal. The only window in the office was behind the secretary's desk. I walked up to the secretary's desk, she was very frumpy. Her make up was caked on and she had on some tacky blue eyeshadow, and bright red lipstick. She looked like every fashion trend(and/or faux pas) from the 60's through the 80's had attacked her and left her here for the whole world to stare at. "Excuse me" I said politely, I mean she may not know how to dress but I do know my manners, my mother didn't raise no heathen. She didn't move, or even bat an eyelash in my direction. She was on the phone speaking like she was a 16 year old girl, and staring at her nails. I wasn't going to like it here and here wasn't going to like me. "Excuse me!" I said louder and with more urgency.

"What,"she spat. Her dull watery brown eyes bored holes into me. If she would do her job she wouldn't have these problems.

"I'm new here and I need my schedule." I said with strained politeness. She rolled her eyes, like I wasn't coming up to her asking her to do her damn job.

"Name," she barked. Her voice irritated me to no extent.

"Lamya Johnson" I told her. She printed off my schedule and shoved it at me. I took the paper and left.

"Some kids don't have any manners anymore" I heard her say to whoever the hell she was talking to. Whatever.

"Room 209 biology" I muttered to myself. "Lovely" I thought to my self, today was making to be a great day.

I walked into the room to see a short balding fat man trying to reach the top of the board.

"Detention" was all he said. I stopped cold. He didn't even look away from what he was doing. I guess he was concentrating on getting taller, thinner, and more hair. The door opened behind me. "Detention" it opened again "Detention." I guess that's the only word he can say. I turned to look at my detention buddies. I saw the delivery boy from last night and one of those scary white people, ya know the ones that think that they're vampires.

"Are you just going to stand there" he said still not looking up. I was surprised he could say something more than detention.

"Excuse me." I was a little pissed. This place had more security guards than a high security prison and more metal detectors than an airport, post 9/11. Then there was the bitchy secretary now there's this dude.

He has yet to look up. "Excuse me" I say louder and with a whole hell of a lot more attitude. This place was working my nerve something fierce. He finally looked up.

"Do you need something?" He asked in a voice akin to the grinding voice of the secretary, only about half an octave deeper. He had on this oh so smug smirk, which scrunched up his face. It made him look like a Cheshire cat on acid.


"Detention." He was falling back to old habits. "Now, what do you need?" He said with a smile. He was trying to get to me, and it was working.

"I'm new here," I looked at him like he was slow and spoke like he was slow. "I do not know you or them or what you teach or where to sit" I spoke to him. "Dumb ass" I muttered, or so I thought until I heard laughter from behind me, and Mr. Pompous Ass narrowed his beady little eyes.

"The three of you have detention, for the rest of the week." He spewed disgustingly. "Now get out!" He yelled as he threw his nonthreatening, chubby little arm up with a finger pointing to the door that we were standing in as if we didn't know where it was.

"Whatever" was all I said as I walked out.

"New Girl" It was the delivery boy. I didn't really get to examine him last night but now that I could see him in better lighting. He was attractive , just not to me, tall about 6'2 brown skin, and brown eyes. Insanely beautiful smile and perfect teeth.

"Lamya." I said and held out my hand.

"Adonis." He said with a smile and grabbed my hands. "But you can call me Donny"

"Your mother named you Adonis?" I asked. She must have known her son was gonna be sexy.

"My dad is Greek," he explained. "She says that whenever she first saw him, she saw the embodiment of Adonis. And so when she had me she said girls would say the same thing about me so she decided to name the name that would be on every girls' lips when they saw me anyway"

"That is really presumptuous." I said with a slight laugh.

"But you can't tell me I don't live up to my name, though can you" he said with an inviting smile and playful eyes.

"I guess I can't" I laughed. I looked over at my other detention buddy expectantly.

We locked eyes, he looked tortured.

"Tristian," he said in a surprisingly deep voice. I shook his hand. His skin was so pale compared to mine . He really needed some sunlight in his life.

"So does the pompous ass have a name?" I asked referring to the biology teacher.

"Who knows" said Donny

"Who cares." finished Tristian. "So we have," he paused to look at his watch. It was on a thick black leather band. He had quite a few on his wrists. His nails were short, but his hands were nice. Defined, He was wearing a long sleeve black shirt and long black pant with some black Chucks. I looked at his face, his eyes were cold. "Judging me already?" He asked, malice lacing his voice.

"No" I answered truthfully. I had already judged him. He was a vampire.

"Bullshit" he hissed

"Get the hell over it." I said just as venomously. "It's not like you haven't already made up your me."

"I'm not like that," he said wholeheartedly.

"Everyone is like that," I said. It's human nature, besides how do you know that I wasn't just observing you, ya know, taking you in."

"Because people don't just take me in, they look away from me never seeing me." He said with a sad smirk.

"Well be glad I'm not people," I said for the first time looking at or should I say in his eyes. They were gorgeous. A beautiful silver color with flecks of green. He was gorgeous.

"Well?" he said. "Take me in" So I did.

Tristan was about 6'3, he had incredibly dark hair, it was gorgeous about shoulder length. He had a strong jawline that went well with his face and hair. He had snake bites, gaged ears, and a small stud in his left eyebrow. He was tall with lean muscles from what I could tell from his concealing outfit. I looked back into his silver eyes, they were full of amusement with a challenging gleam.

"Well, I'm done." I said with finality.

"What's your prognosis doctor?" He asked with a fake worried voice.

Well son, you'll be ok with fifteen minutes in the sun. It'll have you looking healthy in no time." I said in my best 'doctor voice'

"Smart ass" he quipped

"Right back at ya babe" I said with a smile, and he smiled a smart ass type way

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