Body Piercing Saved My Life

Hanging there high above
you did it out of mercy and love
you bore all sins upon that tree
you did it for everyone…including me.

A worthless being that you created
unworthy to even look at your face
yet you still died and took my place
my Jesus, my God, my Saving Grace.

They laughed as they pierced you
and for your clothing cast lots
they whipped and beat you
yet curse them you did not.

Instead you stayed quiet
while they beat you and told lies
because you knew it was for them
that you came down here to die.

A nail in each hand
a nail in your feet
a crown of thorns on your head
your work is almost complete.

After that last gasp
a spear pierced your side
the earth violently shook
and your disciples cried.

Because of your death
you made it possible for me
to be saved from my sin
and go to Heaven with thee.

Body piercing saved my life.