Why can't I let the knife slip?

Just this once…

The thought seems so welcoming.

No more pain, no more suffering.

Take one too many aspirin,

and I'll be free at last.

Many an opportunity

have been within my reach.

I'm held back…

What if I fail?

I'm labeled for life,

a crazy person with

no other motives.

And what of my friends?

Crushed, they'd be

and more depressed than I.

The effects on my family…

I think of them not.

Blamed are they for my

feelings of hatred and death.

Blackened is my heart,

when I'm home alone.

Gray I am,

when left alone at school.

I live for the moments

when my friends of old

comfort me, keeping me

from suicide.

Protecting me from the

shadowy depths of an

early grave.