darling, you're kissing our dreams away
you're presence is leaving my sight
dreaming that I saw your face…
but baby, you turned the other cheek.

darling, is this the cold, hard end
that you promised I would never face?
you should be shameful that I was right…

darling, I stole your heart and you stole mine
the clichéd 'perfect crime'
but I'm falling faster than you'd ever believe
attachment is getting too much

crying last night with a tear-streaked face
knowing you could see it far away
and it would crush your heart…

if you left me, I'm afraid I'd cry
and there'd be more pain that I can't bare
seems that I'm already too late…
considering my memory of last night…

darling, I'm afraid of words you said last night
I'm afraid that your "good-night"
was really meant to say "good-bye"