Medicine Cups

They say they don't think you're adorable
(but they're in such deep denial I'm
not even gonna laugh about it)
And I say I like boys who don't shower,
and they hate when I admit it.
They feed me their lies from a little medicine cup,
the kind we dreaded seeing when we were little
(and still do)
because it contained that thick, pink liquid
that made us spit it back in our moms faces.
Just the thought of the taste...
and we don't need it to survive.
I'd like you to sing a song for me
(the one about 2 in 1 conditioner)
and then read me a science fiction
novel and demand I re-write it.
You'll help me more than you know
(to get away from them)
Let me hear the wind,
and the upside-down crosses
that David says are all aborted fetuses.
"They're really soldiers from other countries,"
you say.
Either way, three of them are mine.
(and I'm proud of it)
I slept with three foreign soldiers,
and when they died, so did I.

things i like: living in a college town, and scarves (all of the sudden)