I looked out the window of my family's "vintage" Volkswagen van and sighed in disgust. Five years ago when my dad died I knew that life would never be the same but I never expected it to turn out like this. When my mom met Gabe three years ago, I had thought that it was way too soon after my father's death for my mom to move on with another man. Especially a man seven years her junior, who was into New Age crap.

Five months after my mom met Gabe she announced to my younger brother Lance and me that she and Gabe had contacted dad and he had given his blessing for the two of them to get married. At first I thought that my mom was experiencing a nervous breakdown, after all the death of a spouse is always hard, especially when you are left to raise to children on your own. But if she was having a nervous breakdown she was oblivious to it and thought that everything she was doing was perfectly normal.

Soon she and Gabe got married and it was as though her mom was a completely different person. Suddenly her my was all about organic food, and thrift stores, and communicating with spirits. I had prayed that it was just a phase but she just continues to dive further into her strange new life.

The straw that broke the camels back was when her mom announced that she was pregnant. My mom was 41, I am 17 and Lance is 14! I am going to be starting college in a year, my mom is suppose to be going on campus tours and awaiting acceptance letters with me, instead all my mom cares about is mid-wives, morning sickness, and communicating with the fetus that's growing inside of her. Yeah, you heard me right, I said communicating with the fetus growing inside of her. The whole reason why we are taking the crap mobile cross country to live in a town of ten thousand if because the fetus told her to. Ever since she became pregnant my mom says she has been having strange dreams, dreams about the future, and about my destiny. Yeah, my destiny. Apparently I have a gift, but as long as lived in Florida I was never going to be able to come into my full power. The only way I can receive my "gift" is if we move to Michigan, if that wasn't bad enough not only did we have to live in Michigan but we had to live in a cemetery.

One morning my mom said she had a dream about how she had to take a job in Cowell Michigan, the job she had to take was a cemetery care-taker. At the time I just rolled my eyes, and told my mom she had to stop eating after mid-night. But much to my surprise and horror she went on the internet and found out that there was indeed an opening for a care-taker at the local cemetery. I told myself not to panic because it was just a coincidence and my mom would never get the job because neither her or Gabe had any experience in taking care of a cemetery. But somehow mom and Gabe got the job and we were moving to Cowell Michigan a week before the start of school.

"Lydia, Lance, look we are now entering Cowell!" My mom squealed in excitement. "Yay". I said dryly, thinking that Cowell was pretty much the same as Hell, just a lot colder.
We drove through the town to the Cowell Cemetery and pulled up to the white house at the edge of the cemetery.
My mom stopped the van and she and Gabe rushed out and hugged each other and beamed at the house.
Lance and I got out a lot slower and did not beam at the house.
"Isn't the house, great, and the cemetery is so peaceful". My mom smiled.
"Oh, yeah it is much better than out house in Florida, who needs the beach as a backyard, when you can live with a bunch of dead people". I snapped, thinking that there was no way this situation could get any worse.
"Lydia, you don't need to have such a negative attitude, after all we are doing this for you, so that you can follow your destiny". My mom said giving me a stern look.
"Whatever, let's just start unloading the van. I get the attic room". I declared.
"I want the attic room". Lance complained.
"Yeah, well you don't always get what you want, and I called it first". I said giving him a push.
"Yeah, well since it's your fault we had to move here I should get the attic room". Lance replied pushing me back.
"Whoa, whoa dudes, lets not fight, we are in a peaceful place". Gabe said in his usual stoner, surfer laid back voice.
"Lance, let Lydia have the attic room". My mom told him.
I sneered at Lance and he kicked at me but I grabbed his leg and he fell down.
"Lydia, Lance, can you please not do this right now". My mom asked.
I shrugged and opened the trunk and started to take my boxes out.The next morning I was wishing that I would have let Lance have the attic room. The attic was dusty, and stuffy and the floors creaked, and I was afraid that I was sharing the room with mice. However, not one to admit defeat I walked down the stairs in the morning with a huge smile on my face.

Hey, loser how was your night? Mine was great, I slept like a baby". I lied as I messed his hair up.

"I slept well, too". My mom chirped, the baby is very happy that we listened to her". My mom informed us as she patted her stomach. Oh did I mention that my mom knows she is having girls because in her dreams a girl speaks to her?

"Great, well I am going to go explore our backyard". I said as I grabbed a cold pop-tart and a can of coke. I put my headphones in and turned on my Ipod. Say Anything started playing and I skipped down the creaking porch steps.

Even though it was late August there was already a chill in the air , and the wind blew my long blonde pink streaked hair. It was still early in the day so the cemetery was pretty quite and deserted. I took my time looking at the grave stones and wondering what my neighbors were like when they were alive. In the middle of the cemetery there was a pond with ducks and frogs. I walked over and watched the ducks glide through the water. I ran my hot pink finger nails through my hair and sighed. I can't believe my mom made my leave my friends, my school, and the beach for this. I could tell just by the stillness of the town that I was not going to fit in with my pink streaks in my hair, and my pierced eye brow. I was going to spend my senior year as an outcast.

Not only was I going to be label as the punk, but I was going to be the punk that lived in the cemetery. I suddenly felt someone's gaze on me, so I looked up and saw a very attractive guy, probably a few years older than me, staring at me. He was dressed in a tight gray shirt that showed off his muscles, and faded jeans that fit perfectly in all the right places. He had dark black hair and a nice tan. My guess was that he was Italian. He just continued to stare at me with his sad, puppy dog eyes so I smiled and waved. The expression on his face suddenly changed to a look of shock and he put a hand to his chest.

"Are you smiling at me?" He asked in a husky sexy voice.I nodded slowly

"Uh, yeah, you are staring at me".

"But, you can see me?" He asked sounding confued.

I began to get a little worried, that this sexy stranger may not be totally sane."Um, yeah, I can see you. Well have a nice day". I said and then turned around and ran towards the house.

"Wait!" He called after me, but there was no way I was staying around. He may have been the sexiest guy I had seen in like well forever, but I have enough weirdos to put up with, I didn't need another one.

Once I got the the house, I ran into the house and told mom that I was going to take a ride around town on my bike. She told me to be careful and I said I would. I went to the garage and got my yellow bike and sat on the banana seat. I had gotten the bike at a garage sale last year and I loved it. Most people my age would only ride a bike if it was brand new and cost a fortune but I liked my second hand bike. I kicked up the kick stand and started my journey around the sleepy town of Cowell.
I was riding along, singing, and minding my own business when all of a sudden I looked up and the sexy stranger was standing a few inches away from me.

"Get out of the way!" I screamed, but he did not listen to me, I slammed on my brakes and next thing I knew I was flying through the air and landing hard on the ground.
"Ow". I moaned as I looked at my leg and saw that my favorite jeans now had a hole in the right knee and my knee was bleeding.
"What is your deal?" I snapped at McSexy.
"Sorry, I didn't mean for you to get hurt". He apologized.
"Yeah, well I did, and so did my bike". I said as I looked at my bike and saw the that rim of the front tire was bent.
"I just wanted to get your attention".

"Well, now you got it, could you help me up?" I asked.
"Well, I would but I don't think I will be much help". He replied.
"All I need is a hand to help pull me up.
"Well okay". He said with a shrug and reached out his hand.
I grabbed at it and my hand went right through his body.
"What the hell is going on?" I asked freaked out of my mind.
"I'm dead". McSexy informed me.