I've never believed in more than half the lies they teach you in church. The capabilities of those humans are stretched so far beyond belief, beyond possibility. It amazes me that so many people put their faith in the impossible. I've never understood why it's so difficult to grasp the fact that death is the end. No heaven, no hell, just a place to sleep eternally. No matter how you die, we all end up in a jar or a crater in the ground. It's the cycle of life. What I do believe is our spirits are reborn. The soul inside our body somehow manages to rip out of your skeleton before the worms are given enough time to devour it, before the fire incinerates it and turns it to black, lifeless ash, and before it gets buried in the cold, dark earth. The moment right before your remains are locked away forever, your soul breaks out and sets itself free. It makes it's way to the stars, and the nothingness that lingers above. And other times, it doesn't make it's way anywhere. If it was locked away when it was still in human form, death doesn't set it free. I've never been too afraid to think of things this way, never been scared to prove that god isn't real. You have nothing to fear by not believing, because you have to know that everyday is another way to prove, that the only person you truly fear, and the only person you cannot beat.. is yourself. I believe everyones soul gets revenge on the ones who committed crimes against them. It takes the punishment for those you mistreated. I believe that in time, everyone pays. I really do believe in karma, and I cannot fucking wait until it gets to you.