Tell me, what more can I say?

To you, a friend, who has me betrayed…

You told me you wouldn't tell anyone,

But hey, it's behind us, the deed has been done.


What have I done to you?

To act the way you now do?

So, tell me, what did I utter that day…

To make you act the way you do today?


I believe that there is no fault of mine…

To say that would be to say a lie.

What am I supposed to do?

You aren't acting like you're supposed to…


Betrayal has played its cards;

It's altered both our hearts…

But tell me, what do you expect me to say?

After all, you acted first upon it that day…



I sorta composed this in the middle of my Language Arts class…

Thank God my teacher was grading papers.


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Flames will be used to heat up marshmallows, which will be further used to make S'mores with, which will then be eaten by moi.


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