Never a romantic moment in the high school world of lesbian love affairs. "Jes, do you need to go to the bathroom?" she asks, and it's my cue to leave the table with my pink haired friend. We had planned this the night before. The bathroom would be our private place to share a first kiss. I have kissed a boy or two before, but never a girl. It just recently dawned on me that I was bisexual.

I had been thinking about the day this kiss would happen for weeks. I had the entire scene played out in my head. Empty bathroom. A closed stall. My hand would trace her jaw-line and pull her lips in, pull her in for the kill. It would start out innocent, but the built up tension would slowly bubble over and her tongue would graze my lip, asking permission for a deeper, more passionate kiss. I would reply with my tongue sliding against hers in an act of love(curiousity). She would hold me by my lower back, touching my ass ever so slightly. I think she thought I hadn't noticed her do it in science class. We would get into it, hormones blocking out any other thoughts we might have, drowning in the sensation of it. Just when I thought I couldn't handle it anymore, the bell would ring, we would compose ourselves, and we would head back to class like nothing ever happened.

To our suprise, the bathroom was infested with girls. No chance. No oppertunity to do anything. And maybe that's better because I'm not sure if I ever really wanted to. Maybe she was just the only girl who had shown any interest before, the only bisexual girl I knew, but I just wasn't feeling her this afternoon.