"You Suck"


You suck your thumb in wonder

And you suck your lip in glee

You suck that spot beside my throat

That only you know how to see

You suck my work drive, baby

And all that busy stuff

You suck my will to live, and I

Could never thank you enough

You suck my sex drive clean away

And you suck when you don't call

But you suck the most when I find out

That you don't suck at all

You don't suck the slightest, babe

(Really, you're the shit)

In truth, what sucks the most is me

And what I neglect to do with it

I suck when I decide I'm right

Only to be told I'm wrong

I suck when I repeat myself

In every single song

I suck when I swear outright

That I'll impress this jackass yet

And that instant my integrity

Is just more that I'll forget

Because for every time I apologize

There's still ten guilty smears

To swirl and crack and write a song

That no one ever hears

So yeah, you suck, my life, my dear

Because you listen every day

To my sad, sad songs of faults and lies

… and you love me, anyway

You suck your thumb in wonder

And you suck my lip in glee

You suck out all that good in me

That only you can see