Serena was just getting to the bottom of the bottle of whiskey when the girl peeped her head over the rim of Subversive Stone. The girl had red hair and solemn dark eyes and must have lived close by, for she was too young to be on a quest of her own. She had been watching Serena blearily peer into the bottle neck for several minutes.

"You're not going to get anything else out of there, you know." Serena's head popped up in surprised reaction a few seconds late. "You've been looking in there for two minutes and no matter how long you blink, nothing more's going to show up in there."

Serena pondered this for a few seconds, a drunkenly thoughtful look upon her face. Her left hand turned over anyway, almost losing the bottle because she was holding it so close to the rim. Once she'd regained control over the object, she shook it up and down a few times before closely examining the ground that was directly underneath. Disappointed that there was nothing down there, she looked up into the bottle that was still suspended a foot or so above the earth, as though the change in view on her end may have caused the universe to change it's mind about the amount of drink a whiskey bottle should hold.

"I told you already, Serena. There's nothing in there." This girl was getting annoying, Serena decided, falling to her right elbow as the world gave a dizzy lurch. An imperious look sneered her upper lip as she glared up through her bangs at this little whelp.

"Yeah, I heard you the first time, thanks," she said, still sounding relatively sober to her own ears. "Shouldn't you be at home knitting or some such thing? Preparing yourself for marriage? All that good rot, right?"

"That's funny coming from you," the girl said, shifting into a recognizably defiant stance. "I'm one of your fans, you know." She gave a distinctly Serene flip of her hair at this last bit, arms crossed over her thin chest.

Serena gave a low chuckle before zooming in on a medication bottle directly between her and the girl. She went to grab it but mistook the distance or maybe gravity got a little stronger because she was sprawled nose to cap when she next opened her eyes. She blinked carefully, eyes crossed to keep the bottle from shimmying out of view. She pulled her left hand out from underneath her and it pounced on the bottle. A triumphant twist of her lips and she was pulling at the cap.

The girl watched dispassionately as her idol anxiously twisted the cap to and fro, pulled at it until her hand flew off almost comically, and finally ended up banging the thing on the ground, cursing. She leaned forward and extricated it from between the woman's hand before Serena could start biting at it. Within seconds the cap was off and she had shaken a few pills into her hand.

"I didn't think they made these anymore," she said, closely examining them. "I thought everyone'd switched over to healers."

"Well, when your son is the king of the damn kingdom you can have your medicine however you please," Serena grumbled, grabbing the medicine back. She tipped her head back and eight or maybe twelve pills swarmed in. She reached for the bottle, but then saw it was empty and chewed angrily, grimacing at the bitter taste.

The girl watched Serena closely. She was much prettier in person, but also looked sturdier and more capable. No matter how long she'd been a protégé of Serena's, the girl was still of the mindset that a lady couldn't be a knight no matter strong or valiant she was. She tipped her head to the side and watched as Serena shook more little red pills onto her palm and popped them into her mouth.

"They're not going to kill you, either. They're pain medication pills, and they're not that strong."

"Thought that everyone had switched to healers," Serena replied.

"I would give you barbiturates."

"You would give me what?"

"Barbiturates. Pills with the magic to cause a deep and solemn slumber, for forever if couple with some whisky from my father's shelves." She was matter-of-fact about this, as though offering to be an Angel of Death was her modus vivendi.

"Aye, that would be nice. I personally just thought that if I tried a little bit of everything, I'd have a lovely little Death cocktail for myself."

The girl kicked Serena, who yelped, "The hell was that for, you little demon!"

"Guess that whole Death thing's not working out for you so well, huh?" She smirked, and crouched down by Serena, menthol fumes invading her breathing space. "Would you like my help?"

"What would this help be in exchange for?" The ever watchful Serena was as watchful as ever, if a little tipsy.

The girl leaned closer to Serena. "You have to tell me your story. Everything, from beginning to end."

Serena eyed the girl again, and after a moment gave a snort. "Fine, you get your story. It may not be beginning to end like you're after, but it'll hit on all the important things."

The girl craftily glanced at Serena from under her eyelashes before offering Serena a hand. The Lady Knight pressed hers into it, and with a minimal amount of drunkenness they shook on their deal. Serena promptly emphasized her deep feelings about their new acquaintanceship by retching over a wide area of Seditious Stone.