My name is Amanda, 18 years old and was born and raised in the Philippines. I never had a guy classmate in my life- I have always been enrolled in a private school for girls.

When I was 12 years old and in my freshman year in High school (yes, we start high school in the Philippines at a very young age), I had a best friend named Will. Our friendship grew stronger until to the point that we don't know how to express our feelings anymore. We didn't know if we were lovers or best friends. Probably somewhere in between but we just never admitted it though it was obvious. We hold hands, we talk on the phone for the whole day, we tell secrets, we get jealous if one spends more time with another person—signs of people in love. But like what I've said, we never admitted it until one sleep over.

Our friend, Angel, was at the mall so it was just me and Will in her room. We were watching something from HBO when she told me she was sleepy. She lay right next to me and tried to get some sleep. I crawled beside her and rested my head on her shoulders. She placed her arms around my waist automatically. We just lay there for quite sometime and before I knew it, her lips were pressed against mine. Nobody dared move for a couple of minutes. Then slowly, her lips parted slightly and I did the same. What just happened were both our first kisses. It lasted for God-knows-how-long. I guess I was pretty shocked because we never talked about our feelings before. Yes we both knew there was something but we denied and ignored it. After the kiss, I couldn't look at her. I just stayed under the pillow.

I guess the kiss confirmed our relationship—that we're definitely more than friends. And from that day on, I treated her as a girlfriend. We were both young, in love and confused. Nobody but ourselves knows about our relationships. Rumors about us spread but our school mates think it's ridiculous. Besides, we started out as best friends and that's how they look at us.

We're very different from each other, but we also have our own similarities. I'm a ballerina and part of my high school's volleyball varsity team. Will is and editor, a cartoonist and a writer for the school paper. She also learned how to play the guitar in order to be able to write and sing me songs. We are both actors for the high school plays.

Will is very sweet. Too sweet. If we argue, she writes me a long letter, usually three pages. And it's not just a regular letter, IT'S A POEM. She also sings to me whenever we're together. In short—she spoils me. But this story isn't about me and Will. This is about how things suddenly changed, and how a 2 and a half years long relationship with no problems failed.