The Arena of Elements

Right Then. First things first. Welcome to the Arena of Elements! if you wan to test charecters that you have created agasint other people then you have come to the right place, if you just want to read the Duels then flick ahead to the other chapters.

I'll Start at the beginning...

I had this idea to right a story based on an arena with gladiators that each held the power of an element. I was going to do this whole kind of epic... thing... yea. But then I thought. "Wouldn't it be interesting if the fights were real..." and then the arena was born.

what happens is this.

In the forum (Click onto 'Forums' then 'Fiction', then 'Fantasy' we are 'Elements') you post information about the character that you have created, they can already exsist in one of your stories or you can make them for the sole purpose of this arena.

you then, using the forum, arrange a collab time with another writer and you then each write paragraphs in turn of the fight between yourself's (you can use whatever suits your needs.)

you then E-mail me the finished product. making sure you have one person write in Bold and the other in Italics. It then gets posted and the people who review vote on who they think should win the fight.

If you need anything clearing up, just talk to the others on the Forum, We're all Veterans of the Sport ^^