I keep a list of all the boys I've kissed
and so far it's pretty empty
the only name that so blatantly stands out
is yours 'cause I doublelined it

And even though
you think I'm childish
I know you preferred the way
my body felt against yours
so much more then hers
(she's all bones and blonde)

Would you think of me as bad
if I wished I could 'lose' the list
so she could find out how much
my heart is yours and
how well we fit together
(like vodka & fun, we do)

I remember a long time ago
you would call me and take me
and the night, so cold and wonderful,
was ours but then she came along
(reeking of cinnamon and apple pie)

and she is so sugarsweet,
such a perfect girlfriend that
all I can do is look at this list
adding more Marks and Pauls and Johns
while the only name I want to write
is yours

A/N I'll pretend it wasn't amazing when you held me, and I'll pretend it didn't hurt when you said you loved her