Sign said 'Stairs to Heaven'.
Reality was hell… Might
have been the afterlife if
I'd killed myself and
'Beetlejuice' was
right about Suicides.

But I've never known of anything or
got any way to tell if I am dead.

Met a girl, I call her Cola.
She's Bourbon kinda sweet.
Writes meglomatic genius
escape scene schemes,
on dream fields outside
'Paradise Democracy'

Wouldn't be without Cola, she got
11 broken-bottle-necks-sharp wit.

Cola, she's a hedonistic
Acoustic playin' Imp.
She's a girl to spend
your time with while
payin' penance for
your sins.(And she can
roll a damn fine spliff.)

She said 'I'll smoke you under' I said
"ah hell, well I don't know 'bout that.."

(Lord, we smoked our selves south.) .

Wouldn't be without Cola she got 11
broken Bourbon bottle-necks sharp wit.