I cannot contain them. My feelings for him. My longing for him. He is water, and I am here at the banks of this river, this river of fear. He is everything I do not know. Everything I wonder of. Mystery is in his nature, his movements, I cannot unlock his secrets. I long to know his secrets.

He is quiet. His looks are aimless, meaningless. He does not know me. I long to know him. The way his body moves mesmerizes me. I am consumed by everything he is. Time blurs itself as I get lost in him.

Does he know me? Does he want me? His eyes are like mirrors. They reveal me. They do not hide me from myself. He is pure truth. Truth runs through his veins like water to the earth. He is the water of this river, this river of fear. He is everything I cannot have.

I touch his skin. He stares into my heart. My touch is new, his feel is new. He does not know me. But I long to know him. He is all that I want. His breathe is hot, hot on my neck. I sense his soul. I taste his thoughts. His hands race over my body. I have lost myself in him.

My eyes have shut. I cannot contain these. These feelings I have. His weight overcomes mine. His mind overcomes mine. Sweet silence whispers the truth. He is my truth. My flesh surrenders to this heaven he creates. My voice gives in. Everything he is has enveloped me.