Brendan Hawthorne and Thomas Harrison had been best friends since Brendan had transferred schools in sixth grade. They'd spent nearly every day together since then, stopping only when one of them had gotten a girlfriend, gone on vacation, or had some sort of family emergency. That's why Brendan wasn't really surprised at all whenever he unlocked his apartment door and stepped inside to find his best friend laying across his couch, watching Pulp Fiction on the living room television.

"Hey," Brendan murmured, stepping into his kitchen and laying down the small pile of mail he had accumulated in the past week. Since most of his bills went to his father, who had agreed to pay for him to move out on his own as long as he promised to go to college, he rarely checked his mail.

"What's up, man?" Thomas sat up, pausing the DVD player and following him to the kitchen, pouring himself some water without asking, "How was work?"

"Same," Brendan shrugged, "What's up with you?"

"Oh, nothing much, some party tonight my step-sister's having." Thomas leaned up against the kitchen counter, "So, anything interesting happen last night? I know you had that tournament thing."

"Oh yeah, I got first, I'll be going to New York for the real deal in a couple weeks." Brendan shrugged, turning around and sorting through his mail.

"I see..." Thomas frowned, pulling a cell phone from his pocket, "And then Lily came over?"

Brendan nearly dropped what he was holding, looking up slowly, "What?"

"Well, seeing as though her phone was sitting on your couch, and you're not too keen on stealing stuff, even from ex-girlfriends, I'm assuming she was here. What happened? You guys hook up again or something?" Thomas tossed the small device to Brendan, watching him catch it and flip it open. Sure enough, the phone was neither of theirs and definitely had a title saying 'Lily's Phone' along the top of the small screen.

"No, we didn't hook up, you don't make booty calls til you're past the age of 23, else it's just sad. She won the other half of the tournament, we're going to New York together to compete." Brendan explained, snapping the phone closed and putting it on the counter next to him. He looked up to find Thomas still staring intently.

"She wound up here because she needed a ride home and she was really cold, so I brought her here first to make sure she was warm enough."

Thomas burst out laughing, "If that's not a booty call, I don't know what is."

"We didn't have sex!" Brendan nearly found himself yelling. Thomas stared at him for a second before giving him an odd look.

"Yeah, okay. Whatever." He walked over to the couch and plopped back down, hitting play on the remote, thus allowing Samuel L. Jackson to continue his monologue to the man and woman trying to rob he and John Travolta in the coffee shop.

Brendan sighed, knowing he'd probably just ticked his best friend off because of a girl, something Thomas really didn't appreciate. But Thomas was just a big baby anyway. He walked over to where Thomas was laying, taking a seat on the couch adjacent to him, "Sorry if I pissed you off."

There were a few seconds of silence before Thomas laughed out loud, trying to show that he was never really offended, "Whatever dude. I honestly don't care if you're screwing Lily again or not. At least at that point one of us is getting laid."

"Well, you should know that I would never 'screw' Lily. That's just such a vulgar way of putting it."

"It's not that far off if you two are broken up, you know? There's no 'making love' if you're no longer in love, and I'm pretty sure 'exchanging bodily fluids' is a tad too CSI for your scenario-"

"Why don't we just drop the subject all together?" Brendan suggested, knowing that any conversation regarding Thomas and sex would be tainted because Thomas was mostly a virgin. Meaning that he'd only had sex once so far and it was with a girl he barely knew while very drunk at a party that Brendan did not have the pleasure of accompanying him at.

"So, about my step-sister's beer fest tonight. You're coming over and we're going to stay in my room and try to make sure that people I don't know can't have drunken sex in my bed," Thomas picked up after a moment's hesitation.

"And why would I give up my nice quiet apartment for a night of loud music as well as annoying and intoxicated jocks and preps?" Brendan countered, reaching across to snatch the remote from Thomas, pausing the movie.

A very irritated redhead sat up on the couch, "Well, for one we're going to have a middle school flash-back night in which we stay up late playing Halo and killing nooblets in multi-player. And the other reason you're going to come is that Lily is going to be there and I know you'll probably want to talk to her about last night even though 'nothing happened'" Thomas held up his hands, making quotation marks with his fingers before grabbing the remote back and continuing the movie.

Brendan's frustration flared up again and he quickly stole the remote back, pausing the movie once more, "First of all, nothing DID happen. I don't lie to you. Second of all, how do you know she's going to be there? She absolutely detests ninety percent of our high school population."

"Because Brittany invited Wayne and despite the face that he's probably going to cheat on her at the party, he still likes to have his current 'conquests' with him." Thomas sighed, clearly exasperated by the entire conversation.

"Don't call her that. He doesn't OWN her." No one could possible 'own' Lily, she was far too independent. At least, she used to be.

"Whatever, man. She's going to be there though, so that means that you're definitely going to be there, even if you want to keep telling yourself that I'm dragging you into it, which I kind of am." Thomas grabbed the remote again, un-pausing the movie and shoving the remote down the front of his pants in a final gesture.

Brendan stood up, clearly irritated, "I'm gonna go take a shower," he muttered before emptying his pockets of Lily's cell phone, his cell phone, keys, and wallet and walking down the hallway to the tiny bathroom inside of his apartment.

10 minutes later he left the small room feeling refreshed and quite a bit more relaxed. He noticed Thomas putting Brendan's own phone back on the couch where he left it, but thought nothing of it as he entered the room to get dressed. Pulling on some boxers and a pair of black slacks, he sat down in his computer chair as he towel-dried his semi-shaggy hair quickly, booting up his PC while he was at it. As soon as he logged onto AIM, he saw Lily's screen name sign off, and vaguely wondered if it was connected before shrugging it off. Those lingering ex-y feelings were getting annoying.

He chatted with his father for a moment, letting him know about his somewhat planned social events for the weekend. Some stupid party tonight at Thomas', then work, and after that, a relaxing evening at home. School was starting back up in a couple of weeks, and with graduation only 6 months away, Brendan knew that he'd better enjoy these lazy school breaks with his friend(s) while he could.

When he came out of his room fully dressed, he found Thomas standing up, arms straight up in the air as he stretched, like he always did after finishing a movie. They're eyes met and Brendan immediately noticed a hint of mischief hiding in his best friend's and he wondered what Thomas had hidden where. It was one of his favorite things to do when Brendan left him alone in his apartment for periods of time. Once he found his DVDs completely in disarray, cases switched out and other actual discs hidden in various places. Before Brendan could ask what Thomas had done, Thomas tossed him his cell phone and asked, "So, where are we going for lunch?"

Brendan sighed, grabbing his coat and slipping on his shoes, "Wherever, as long as I can afford it."

They made their way to the front door after Brendan had grabbed the rest of his things, and as he pulled it open, he realized that someone was standing in his doorway, a quick glance downward revealed something he hadn't been prepared for at all. Standing at his door was Lily, looking just as surprised as he was.