lovely girl
of a different world
she took my heart away
she pilfers and plunders all manner of thought
but I'd rather be with her than not

I waste away
with each dawning day
for she still is not mine to have
she continues to steal all my wants and dreams
and I continue to fall apart at the seams

beautiful girl
all ribbons and frills
vapid, useless, but kind
you've taken my innocence, my sweet heart and soul
and swept me into a venomous sleeping lull

I wallow, I break
each day I hide and wish to not wake
from dreams to dive into nightmares
the real world is calling!
and I am falling

first love is so fickle and cruel
first love is the thing that first makes us true fools

and on the 'morrow
when all is drenched in dramatic sorrow
I will become a true man
dusk will falter and dawn will crash
but in the end, these lustful feelings will not last

for first love is usually fast fleeing
once you get around to that first meeting