Written 6.28.07
Companion to "Dethroned Princess"

she always gets what she wants
by her own methods,
usually involving
a guy
and hormones

the first guy
didn't really count
they probably didn't
even kiss
some would call it
"puppy love"
I call it
he was infatuated with her
but she
got bored with him

the second guy
she thought she loved
she thought she would marry
so she went ahead
and had sex with him
thinking it was okay
(but only if it was her,
not for anyone else)
but then they broke up
because she got bored
with him too

the third guy
is maybe better than the second,
I really don't know
and I don't know
how long this will last
but I do know
that it'll end eventually

personally, I'm waiting
for everyone to see
just how fake she is
both with guys
and her so-called "friends"

the first best friend
she treated like a dog
(at times, literally)
but then this best friend
got sick of being
treated like crap
and moved on

the second best friend
was naive and trusting
and for awhile,
that was okay
until this best friend
tried to hold her accountable
for how she treated the second guy
and then she got bored
of this best friend too

the third best friend
is like the third guy
neither of them
know any of us
and frankly,
I don't care

because if she falls,
it's on her own head
and I'm far enough back
to not get hit with brain-goo shrapnel
I just happen to know
the best friends
she threw in the trash
and now
she's trying to alienate
everyone that knew her before

I guess you could say
that that includes God, too
she says in myspace surveys
that she has no religion anymore
and on facebook,
she's an atheist
neither of us can remember
the last time she
walked the halls of
and what's sad is
that she's the one
that first invited me there

I guess at this point
there's nothing left to do
but sit back and watch the fireworks
because believe me,
they'll come.