The Golden Merchant

A young woman was dressed in lavish garments atop the mast of an already busy pirate ship barking out orders. "Get to work , or I'll give you the keelhaul!" The woman barked.

"Aye Captain!! I hate to question your orders but what are we preparin' for? " Her first mate replied. The woman glared at the short scraggly man, who lowered his head in fear.

"We are preparin' for the arrival of the Treasure of the Seven Seas!!" These were Captain Tristina Scarpp's dreams as she stood on the plank of her ship, The Merchant.

Push him off the plank Cap'n Scarper !!!!" Captain Tristina Scarpp was steadying her cutlass against James Young's back.

"P-p-please don't" He sobbed.

"It's too late for that James, now where is the Treasure of the Seven Seas?"

"The treasure, it is below the deck of my ship"

"Avast crew!!Go to, The Scarlet Flame, and retrieve the treasure. We shall be rich!!"

"I will be your loyal servant!!Just don't push me off." James cried

"Aye mate, it be too late for that. Take a visit Davy Jones Locker." And with that Captain Scarper pushed James Young off the plank. She could hear his screams and the splash, when he hit the waters off the Carribean coast.

Her crew came back heaving a giant wooden treasure chest. They dropped the chest at her feet.

"I shall be getting a share of the doubloons right?" said Salty Seal, one of the squag members of the crew.

"No way in Fiddlers' Green shall you be getting a share of these doubloons. Neither will any of you scallywags!!!" She bellowed. "Ahoy!! Bix!! Help me carry this treasure into me quarters. See to it that nobody shall be interuptin' me.

"Aye Aye, Cap'n." Bix glared at the rest of the crew members and eyed Salty Seal. Captain Scarper glanced around The Merchant for scheming Jacks. Then she unlocked the latch on her door and hastily went inside. She sat down at her desk, and surveyed the chest. She snatched the key from her side and slowly put it in the lock. The chest creaked open. Inside the chest was an assortment of jewels, gold, and doubloons, which sparkled in the sunlight. She took out her scale and began counting