I saw this majestic scene -

Above a burning Church, a Sky,

deep blue between the clouds,

the sunset, casting a hazy purple.

Yet the smog, an ocher hue,

Intermingled with those colours.

A fire trucks' sirens, alighting

down the highway,

and I wait,

for the emergency, the sirens,

to arrive at the Church,

to become a part of that absurdity.

I watch the burning fire,

rising from the brick walls.

Feeling the orange, yellow and red flickers,

tasting the wisps of smoke,

while the fire truck still roars.

The sidewalk is filled now

with mischievous faces,

In dire flames, their hands, their arms,

prickle with excitement. Reaching for the yellow,

orange, red, Autumn colours ignited.

The sky is filled with fire,

the moon surrounded by smoke -

That's when I see Julia.

The fire extols great fervor,

but this girl has a heart of ice,

whenever she looks at me.

Now, if she ran up the stairs of that burning building,

the fire would go out, and the smoke would disperse.

Her fiery eyes would be alight for those moments,

then dull.

If she touched my arm,

it would feel like ice.