There she lies, in her purple bedroom, on her soft bed, staring up at the ceiling. She's never succeeded in getting the "event" out of her head. She's honestly said that it still scares her, so much. She's always wondered though, after thinking about it over and over in her head, what triggered it all?

There she was, lying on the bed in the guest bedroom of her aunt's house. The walls painted a darker than average sky blue color. A white carpet and a white ceiling, on the wall, bordering the highest part, were different types of ducks. The bed, having a flowery like design bed cover over it. Her soft, chocolate brown colored hair lying around her face and head. Oddly enough, it smelled like strawberries. Her soft lips curved in a frown. Her normally enthusiastic, dark brown eyes were now dull with boredom and half closed. Her tan skin was a little damp from sweat; which happened to be coming from the un-shaded window, showing off the hot, blinding rays of the sun. Even though she was wearing a pair of blue short shorts, a white tank top, and socks, she was still really, really, warm. She slightly growled, sounding more like a cat than a fourteen year old girl.

"Stupid heats…need to cool down…but the power got fried because of that stupid storm…" She sighed deeply and tried to ignore the intense heat, closing her eyes while yawning quietly.

She whispered to no one, "I'm just going to take a little nap, yeah…"

Slowly but surely, sleep took over her body…

A few hours later, her eyes fluttered open. She yawned deeply before raising herself into a sitting position. Stretching slightly, she looked around the room.

She noticed the clock was on, the glowing, digital numbers reading 4:23 P.M. Which meant one thing…the power was back on! Her eyes lit up as she scrambled out off the bed and into the hallway, feeling a nice, cool breeze from the air conditioning hitting her whole body. She took a moment to enjoy herself before walking towards the television. Sitting down in the living room on one of the soft, blue chairs, she turned on the television.

The first thing that came to her sight and ears was the sudden blood curdling screaming of a blond, blue-eyed Caucasian woman. It hit her so hard that she almost fell out of her chair! She was scared, frightened, and instantly changed the channel, turning down the volume, wondering who in their right mind would have the volume up that high!

When she looked back up to the television screen, she saw an English woman in a dress talking to a monkey.

"What the…?" she whispered, staring at the channel before- CHHH! Went the sound of the channel switching. Now she saw some animals talking to each other.

"Dr. Doolittle? What the crap?" She said, blinking before once again- CHHH! Now she was on the Science-Fiction channel.

"Normally I'd stick with this, but I'm not in the mood." She said in a bored manner. "Maybe I should just go take another nap…" CHHH! The channel was suddenly on America's Most Wanted.

"Hey!" She said with slight enthusiasm. "Sweet! Perfect timing, it's just starting!" She got comfortable in her chair and was now absorbed into the show as it started.

"Here we are at the A.M.W. headquarters," said John Walsh, hose of America's Most Wanted. "Today, we're going to report on a man who kidnapped a girl. His name is Johnathan Bowman. Johnathan is a twenty-six year old man who is originally from Los Angeles, California. He has been on the run for two years, ever since he kidnapped and murdered a twelve year old girl."

They showed a picture of a man with dark brown hair and a brown mustache and dark, blue eyes with a frown on his face. He had eyes that showed he was a man that could kidnap and kill without even giving it a second thought, like it was an every day thing. It frightened the young brunette quite a bit.

Then, they started a video of what must have happened. The girl sat on the edge of her soft, blue chair, listening closely.

"This is a show you can really focus on, because it's real and not imaginary!" She exclaimed to herself.

The video started in a dark, pitch black alleyway. A figure was walking past it with the carelessness of a child. All of the sudden, Johnathan jumped out of the alleyway and grabbed the unknown person. The figure screamed in a high pitched voice that was most likely the girl they were talking about. The brunette in her chair blinked and shuddered, the hair on the back of her neck practically standing on end.

She whispered, "Strange… why does that girl sound so…familiar?"

She shook off the feeling, thinking that maybe because she knew this show was real, it made her feel paranoid.

She continued to watch as the female was dragged to a dark green Chevy Corvette. Johnathan's big hand was over her mouth, keeping her from screaming for help as she tried so hard to struggle out of his grasp. Soon, the girl had been thrown into the dark car, the door shut closed, and after Johnathan got in the car, he drove off into the night.

John Walsh said, "Here's a picture of the girl that had been reported missing, and assumed had been taken by Johnathan that night."

They showed a picture of a young, fourteen year old girl. Her skin was slightly tanned, almost the color of a chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven. Her hair was the color of chocolate milk, the same color as her eyes. A smile was planted on her face.

"Johnathan was last seen at a gas station near Owatonna, Minnesota," said John.

The girl froze instantly in her spot, her eyes as wide as saucers. "No…No way…That can't be…"

John continued, "Her name is Sandi Englar. She is fourteen, and lives in Owatonna. She had been walking from her friend's house when Johnathan kidnapped her. If you have any information about Johnathan, contact us at www.A.M. Or call our hot line at 1-800-CRIME-TV. Help us catch this criminal, today."

The girl's heart was thumping so loudly she thought it was going to explode from her ribcage! She couldn't believe it!!

"S-Sandi… N-no…! Not my best friend!!"

It was true, her and Sandi have been friends ever since 4th grade. They had been through so much together, before she had to transfer schools and Sandi had to move to Owatonna. It was a hard time, but they got past it.

The girl was in a state of shock and panic! She was smacking herself, trying to see if this was a dream! She had now just randomly run over to the window, as if Sandi was just going to be standing outside the door, waiting to smile widely at her. But there was no Sandi outside, only an empty street, almost mocking her hopes. And as much as she hit herself, she could feel pain. She wasn't dreaming; this was reality. She took several deep breaths, trying so hard to calm herself down.

She told herself, "Okay, okay, keep calm. Just keep calm…!"

She slowly got out of the panic stage when something caught her eye. She blinked several times, staring at what she couldn't believe she was seeing.

She whispered to herself, "Oh my god…!"

Through her dark brown eyes, she stared through the window and right at a dark green Chevy Corvette.

Before she knew it, she was downstairs shoving her feet into her white tennis shoes. She ignored the uncomfortable feeling of the shoes against her bare feet. She yanked the door open, accidentally slamming it against the wall. But right now, she didn't really care! She shoved the outer door open and ran towards the, now, moving car.

Her brain wasn't fully registering what was happening, one minute she's staring at the car, the next she's running after it! Her dark brown hair was whipping behind her, her eyes not leaving the car that was starting to gain speed. Once her brain had finally caught up onto her body's movement, she focused all her energy on catching up to the Chevy. Soon, she was running beside the car. Then, she did probably the stupidest thing she's ever done, she rammed into the car!

She yelled in pain, "OW!"

She grunted loudly and tried again. Not even a scratch! She got an idea and started to run in an angle, trying not to use too much energy. When she started to turn in a half circle, she used all her energy to charge at the car, and then, she jumped and covered her face with her arms, hoping something would happen. Amazingly, what she was hoping for amazingly DID happen! She busted through the window!!

Pieces of black glass shattered everywhere as the young female flew into the car. She was slightly winded from the amazement and pain of breaking through the glass. She was bleeding slightly, having gotten cut in a few places by the glass. But she didn't care, she made it in alive and nothing was permanently damaged.

The first thing she noticed after "entering" the car was the strong stench of something rotting with the casual, faint hint of deodorant. Axe from what she could tell. She couldn't help but wrinkle her nose in disgust from the foul combination. She landed on something that didn't feel like the car seat; however, before she could open her eyes to see what it was, the car suddenly started to screech to a halt. The girl was thrown off her spot and landed on the floor with a THUD! Then, something landed on her as well.

She had to bite her tongue to keep herself from saying, "OOF!" out loud. Whatever landed on her felt…cold and a little heavy? Slowly, she opened her eyes, only to look into the colorless, blank, wide open eyes of her best friend. Sandi's mouth was slightly open, in a manner that showed she had been in shock. Her skin was a pale white and slightly wrinkled. Her hair was matted and tangled, a little gray colored, too. And when the girl tried to breath, she took a huge whiff of the rotting stench. She started to get scared as her eyes slowly moved up her friends face and they widened with horror as she saw the most terrifying thing. On Sandi's wide forehead, dry, crusted blood surrounded the hole of her forehead. Sandi Englar had been shot in the head. Sandi Englar, the girl's best friend, had been murdered.

The girl's eyes were so wide with horror that they could've fallen out of her eye sockets. She couldn't believe, WOULND'T believe, that this was reality! It had to be a dream, had to!

But then, suddenly, the car had stopped moving. The sound of a car door opening, could be heard, and then footsteps. Then, the door opened to reveal the dark haired man who had murdered Sandi, Johnathan Bowman. He wore blue jeans and a black t-shirt with a skull on it, the motto "Remember, You Will Die." across it.

"What the heck!?" the man screamed. Seeing the emotionless figure and the uninvited "guest" in the car on the floor, ""HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE!?" Then, he noticed the broken window.

Johnathan's eyes narrowed as he grabbed Sandi's motionless body and threw it back onto the back seat. Then, he grabbed the girl by the wrist.

Suddenly, the girl's brain clicked into what happened, and her eyes suddenly grew dark with rage.

When the man had grabbed her wrist, she snarled, "LET GO OF ME YOU MURDERER!"

She twisted her arm and took a hold of Johnathan's, pulling him suddenly.

"WHAT THE F-" However, his words had been cut short when his face collided with the roof of the car.

"OW!" He yelled in pain, using his free hand to hold his throbbing head.

The girl on the floor partially got up into a sitting position, at least the best she could do. Then, instincts that she absolutely didn't know about suddenly took over her, as she suddenly bit the dark blue-eyed man's arm. The man howled I n pain as he let go of the girl's wrist, trying to pull his arm out of her jar. The girl let go of his arm, suddenly jumping at the man in a kind of pounce.


Then, she went full out crazy. Biting, scratching, kicking, punching, elbowing, and using all her force to do justice to the man who had killed her best friend. The sound of Johnathan's screams of agony could be heard piercing through the darkening evening. It was a wonder that nobody showed up to see the girl putting all her energy into beating the man, to make him feel what she felt. But she knew that he would never feel the same as she did, to loose a best friend; but she didn't care, she was just going to teach the man a lesson he would never forget!

About fifteen minutes later, the brunette's clothes were stained in blood. Some of it being her blood, from hits the man had done to her and when she had been cut by glass, but most of it was his blood. Her hair was tangled, and her eyes showed that the rage had just barely burnt out.

The man on the other hand was bleeding in multiple places, with bruises and even a black eye; he had been knocked unconscious. The girl was panting as she suddenly grabbed the man and dragged him over to the car. Her muscles ached and screamed to be left to rest in peace, but she ignored it the best she could.

"Good lord, he's heavy!" She said to herself.

She then took out her cell phone and dialed 9-1-1 and called the police while she leaned on the car for support.

About ten minutes after she hung up her phone, she was surrounded by at least five cop cars and ten cops. They each wore a uniform, a shiny silver badge, and sunglasses. Not to mention the sudden amount of news reporters flooding the area. The girl was talking to the lead cop. He had blonde hair, jade green eyes, white skin, and looked about thirty. His name was Dan.

"Now, little girl, what's your name?" He asked in a deep, serious, yet gentle tone.

The girl obediently answered, "My name is Annabel. Annabel Unken."

Dan nodded and scribbled it down in his notepad and asked, "What happened?"

"I looked out the window, and recognized the car as the one Johnathan had on TV, and just… I don't know, Sir. I just ran after the car. After I had jumped through the window, he stopped the car and tried to hurt me. And I…" she paused for a moment before giving Dan a small, sheepish grin, continuing, "I guess I lost it, Sir. I just started to use all physical means to beat him until he was unconscious. Then I called you."

He jotted notes down as fast as he could as he replied, "Hmm… I see. Thank you, Annabel. Now, where is that girl that Johnathan kidnapped?"

Annabel's sheepish grin fell from her face instantly, her heart sinking so low into her stomach she could have digested it and puked it back out. She looked down at the ground before she started to slowly walk towards the car, Dan walking after her.

Annabel reached into the car and rearranged Sandi's body so that her hands were resting on the stomach of her ripped shirt. Annabel only now had realized all of the cuts and bruises on her now dead friend's body. She had gingerly pulled Sandi's eyelids down, so they were closed, as if she were only sleeping or unconscious. Putting her left arm gingerly under Sandi's legs, she put her other arm wrapped around Sandi's arm and shoulder.

"Rest in peace, Sandi…" Annabel whispered, her eyes starting to water. She slowly lifted Sandi's lifeless body out of the car and turned around, cameras flashing in her eyes like crazy. She had to close her eyes to keep herself from going blind. Her eyes were already watering without having all these camera flashes blinding her!

She heard several gasps coming from the crowd, which only made her eyes water more. She slowly looked at the police officer with sad eyes. Her eyes, usually having a happy, lively look in them, were now dull with grief and sadness. Her eyes showed more than her body or words could ever show. They showed a girl who had just crossed from being innocent to walking into the reality of the world.

She looked back down at her best friend's limp body, and finally noticed one more detail she had somehow missed, one that made her feel like she was going to choke from the lump in her throat that had formed. Sandi was wearing a silver dog tag like necklace with a pink heart on it, with words that said, "Sisters at Heart." She recognized the necklace instantly, it was the necklace she had bought Sandi as a little gift.

She couldn't help but close her eyes and let the tears rain down her cheeks onto her friend's body. In her mind, thoughts race through it. From good times where they would laugh with each other, to bad times where they would scream at each other's face, only to forgive one another later. And the worst part was, she knew she would never get another chance to share one of those good times.

Suddenly, she threw her head back and screamed into the sky, "SAAAAAAAAANDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

When she opened her eyes once more, she was back in her bedroom, the cover surrounding her face drenched from the tears that had shed in her sleep. Her head was throbbing and her eyes were blurred slightly from the moisture in them. She was swearing and her body felt somewhat clammy yet boiling. She probably didn't smell too good, either, from the way she's been sweating all day; partially from the heat, partially from the dream.

Slowly, the girl sat up, looking around the room. The sun was starting to go down, making the room the slightest bit cooler. However, she noticed one small detail about the room, the power was still friend. She suddenly scrambled to the side of her bed, peering over it to see the time her phone said. It read in its white, digital numbers: 4:22 P.M.

The dark brown pools in the girl's face closed, a sigh coming from her lips, a sigh of relief. But she couldn't help but sit up and bring her tan legs up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs lightly, setting her chin on her knees. She was tempted to call Sandi, to make sure she was alright. But she knew that Sandi would most likely be in her room, bored to death. Besides, she had to save her phone's battery.

Even though her medium tan skin felt like it was going to burn off, her blood and heart felt like it was freezing cold. She couldn't suppress the shiver that went down her spine. She took a deep breath and exhaled quietly, staring off into space.

She thought to herself, "It was just a nightmare…a horrible…nightmare…nightmare…nightmare…"