Deep Breaths:

Summary: He was born from science, driven to the point of insanity, and now he's running lose. Along with his friend, James, Imay has to run from the people who created and tortured him while dealing with his other self, and keep James safe.


Imay's first memory was of a cold, sterile room with the masked faces of scientists staring down at him. He remembered it vividly because that was the start of his own personal hell. Gentle hands reached out and pulled him up into a sitting position, latex gloves brushing awkwardly against his tender skin. Imay whimpered as someone touched a sore scar, a place where the skin had been removed along with his life support system.

"Imay," whispered one masked face, Imay didn't know which. "Can you speak your name? Just say 'Imay'"

Imay's mouth moved weakly, but nothing besides a soft murmur escaped his lips. Several voices shushed him. Someone even went as far as to cover his mouth. A blanket was placed over his bare body and people pushed him back down onto the pillow. Someone lifted his head and placed an extra pillow under his head.

The quiet hissing of hushed voices surrounded his head a moment later. His eyes finally blinked into focus, the room coming into prospective. His ankles were chained down to the bed he was lying on and so were his wrist, more loosely done. There was even a collar around his neck! Imay reached up and brushed his fingers against it, the chains around his wrists jingling slightly.

"Imay, don't touch that," hissed masked man number . . .Imay needed to learn to count.

Large hands reached out and tried to push him back down. Imay had no choice, but to comply. He pulled the blanket close to him. It was warm at least. New sensations . Cold, warm, fear, confusion. It was too new for him at the moment.

The lack of artificial life support was taking its toll on his body. Black spots flickered in front of his eyes and he lost consciousness.

Imay grew. And as he grew, the scientists grew cruel.

A needle probed Imay's thigh and he flinched away. At least he tried. He was strapped down to the table, a thin sheet of paper separated Imay's body. He shivered slightly.

More probing.

More prodding.

More Imay wishing for death.

Imay struggled against his bonds. He had discovered years ago that fighting only made things worse, but it was instinctive. A sharp pain in his side caused him to cry out in pain. A stun gun. Imay suppressed a whimper.

"It hurts," he said, his voice almost inaudible. "It hurts too much."

No one heard him and the pain continued. Imay couldn't control his body. He shuddered and writhed under needle after needle before he lost himself to the pain.

On his twelfth birthday, Yami made his first appearance, whispering sweet lies into Imay's ever listening ears. Imay listened, soaking up the lies as his body did the pain. It wasn't until Yami suggested killing those who cause him pain did Imay start to worry.

"What does Yami tell you?" asked a new scientist that Imay had grown grateful for.

"He says they should die," whispered Imay. "He says anyone who would hurt me should die."

The young woman blinked and scribbled madly on her clip board as she became increasingly nervous. Imay scowled and fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. Yami was stirring.

'She's just like them' he whispered in Imay's ear. 'She'll hurt eventually.'

Imay shook his head and quickly blanked his thoughts. He didn't want to think of what would happen tomorrow or even in the next five minutes. His number one rule: Live in the moment and don't think of what's to come. It was how he survived, plain and simple.

"Does he tell you anything else?" asked the woman.

"I'm not lonely," said Imay. "At least I'm not lonely."

On Imay's thirteenth birthday, he received no present from his 'family' and the nice woman who had listened about Yami, was the to run his first test of the new year. Imay curled into a ball on his bed, a thin cot that folded up against the wall. Yami murmured softly in his ear.

'They'll be here soon,' he said. 'You can still stop them.'

Imay scrunched his eyes together and buried his face in his pillow, finding it hard to ignore Yami's voice. His will power had diminished greatly over the past year and taking Yami up on his offers to kill them, was becoming very appealing. A shudder raced down his spine.

'They're coming,' said Yami.

Sure enough, a moment later the door opened and a tall, heavy set man filled the space, blocking out the light from the hallway. Imay would have gone with him, but the moment the man's hands reached out to pull him up, Imay couldn't move.

Yami came out to play.

Imay watched helplessly as Yami grabbed a knife from under the mattress. When had that gotten there? In a flash the man was on the floor, bleeding profusely from his chest and Yami was looking for his next victim.

The lab.

Half a dozen scientists were standing around, masks over their face. Imay vaguely thought how he had never actually seen their faces, but those thoughts were quickly pushed away and Yami moved. Slashing a throat, carving out someone's heart, he made is seem so easy. Maybe it was. If Imay were more like Yami, could he have freed himself.

Imay watched as Yami acted out every secret wish Imay had ever had about death. Every way of killing someone that Imay had thought of with a knife was played out in that room. Yami was smiling and Imay was almost happy.