Chapter 5: "Flaws by The Spill Canvas"

Every time that I sign onto fictionpress, I always go to your profile. I'll never know if you read my poems or these little diary entries, but sometimes I hope that you'll post something new up. (So I can over-analyze it and try to read between the lines, hoping it's for or about me, of course.)

So. You're in one of my classes. And we're in the same group. It kinda sucks. Because even then you pretty much ignore/pretend I don't exist unless you absolutely have to (ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO) acknowledge me. I was pretty upset when I heard you were sick though, just thought I'd mention that.

I got mad today at work (while pushing friggin' shopping carts no less) while I thought about you and him. It made me sad, actually. I think. I don't even know.


My heart was thumping at twice the normal rate ALL throughout fifth period.

Just to let you know.

I love you.