dreams rise up to greet the moon
everything gets by and decays far too soon
the red wine is fattening
to the mind that is flattering
and roses so sweet
allow thorns and skin to clash when they meet
a devilish man will grab bosom and land
and on these spoils of war will he build his home grand
that will fool the foolish and even the wise
into thinking such beauty does not bring demise
and the moonlight so thin
casts a shadowy grin
on those dreams you dared dream so long ago
across the skies of making ends meet and meeting the low

because you've been infected
with blood and with life
you've been dejected
for too long, you've no right

so pick yourself up off the wine-soaked ground
we'll set things right and and bury our frowns
and when you're done with the fatty sweets of decay
I'll laugh then with you as we let go of our dismay