Omnia in aequilibium faciunt

All things are created in balance.

That is the law that governs all living and non living beings on this earth. The great balance is always there, struggling to maintain itself in the ever growing notion of "good" overcoming "evil". It must be realized that good can never overcome evil, nor vice versa. The great balance always prevails. Many attempts have been made over the long course of history to uproot the balance, none, as you can see, have been successful. All things are created in balance and it is when the world ignores the great balance that we fall in to utter chaos.

Who am I to tell you this? To preach to you of what you do not notice or care?

I am Umbra. I was charged with a great task - to embody the balance, hold it in the material world by giving it physical form. I was once like you. I was once "mortal" and young. I was once a child, I was once a young woman - but, I stray from my point.

And so, I write this letter of sorts because I feel that I must tell this story; on the off chance that history will (as it always does) repeat itself. I admit, it all started, as many things do, with a dream.