can't even stand in the kitchen
or staring at the envelope...
blue lines and one inch margins
are looking gloomier than usual

confirming all my fears it is,
but his denial is kicking in...
she screams from her life,
he just leaves her for solitude.

your all looking for peace
yet the whole family is escaping
everyone's just happy
to find some time out...

no more laughing from food
on the walls, in my hair
no more smiling at each other
we don't even pretend that we care.

we aren't a family anymore
we are simply separate lives
underneath the same house,
yet completely disconnected.

thought you'd be one
thought one couldn't turn back to two
and although I know it won't
it seems like it will...

fearing for the two ones who were there
the ones that saved me,
kept me, loved me, and made promises
that I won't let fall apart.

fearing for my life...