incinerating in your furnace
words written in my mind
words waiting to be engraved
a permanent mark in my heart.

…ashes, ashes, we all fall down
what the saying forgot was reality
((we and the ashes fall down with it))

melodies of holy lips
sparkling, illuminating new light
igniting new flames of life
scarlet colors fade to blue…

embers fly from charcoaled pages
memories to ash, dust and debris
((only carbon monoxide in the atmosphere))

crisp, crumbling piece by piece
chaff falls from my heart;
incinerated by a furnace of fantasy;
whole in God's fire of faith.

rose petals fall to the floor as ashes
tears transparent to opaque, blackened streaks
((burning to building back up…))

in a world so black (sin)
with colors so white (purity)
and life so scarlet (sacrifice)
b/r/o/k/e/n/ is beautiful

smoke filled lungs will be cleared…
all your ashes will be blown…