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Not So Crash Hot

Chapter One

Introducing… Regan Shanahan


"I wasn't born with enough middle fingers…"- Marilyn Manson

"Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings."

Hey, I'm Regan Shanahan and I'm the perfect little 'mamma's girl'! I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot! Bitchin', great hair, the boys all like to stare!

Insert sarcastic snort.

Yeah right. That is the furthest thing away from what I am.

There is Golden Boy James in the family, Golden Girl Victoria and… Regan. You know how parents like to boast about their children to other parents? Yeah, well James and Victoria are boasted about to the world, whilst Regan is just added as an afterthought.

Afterthought my ass! If Dad and Susan really knew what a slut Tori is, she would be shipped off to military school, or, even better, disowned.

So when I'm president, Tori will be washing my Lamborghini Diabolo for a buck, and I'll watch and laugh myself silly.

Wait, I better explain myself better. I don't even notice it; I just start rambling on and on and on…


Well, James and Tori are my older brother and sister by a year. They're also twins with the same blonde hair and blue eyes like my father's, whilst I'm stuck with boring brown hair and dull brown eyes from my mum. I swear I look like a piece of poo.

My mum died when she was giving birth to me, so I never really met her, just saw pictures of her. She had brown hair and brown eyes, but she was beautiful.

See the difference? Beautiful mum, poo daughter, beautiful mum, poo daughter.

Dad remarried two years ago to Susan, a plastic surgery loving, rich, snobby, peroxide blonde bimbo. How they ever found love, I'll never know. Susan dotes on the Twinies, giving them enormous amounts of money for pocket money, whilst I get twenty bucks a month. It's 'because they're older'.

Susan can shove pocket money up her rear end for all I care, because I have job at Rumours, the nearby café owned by my best friend Lexie's mum.

Back to my Golden Siblings, I like James, whilst I hate Tori, if you haven't guessed. James and I used to run around the yard throwing mud at each other whilst Tori would sit on the side, looking at her nails, fixing her hair, and making sure her pink dress didn't have a speck of dust on it. Pink. Ew.

James, Logan and I used to get a kick out of playing pranks on Tori. Like whilst she was busy calling up all of her friends for a last call before bedtime, we'd put spiders and cockroaches in her bed.

I think this might be why she's never liked me.

"Regan! Get yo lily-white ass down here now, or you'll be late for your first day of your Senior year! Lexie will be here soon, and if you don't get up I'll have Tori put on her new Justin Timberlake CD!" yelled my brother, breaking me from my half-asleep thoughts.

I grumbled something in Grunt Language, which roughly meant, 'If you put that CD on, so help me God, you will die the most painful death and wish you had never even heard of Regan'. I stumbled out of bed, blindly reaching for a set of clothes and my towel, and then stumbled into the bathroom, trying hard not to trip over my own feet. Regan Shanahan does not, I repeat, does not like getting up at eight thirty. Noon is much better.

I entered the kitchen, muttering about early mornings, only to see the form of my most hated person in the world, Logan Williams. We have history. Logan is the bane of my existence, sent down to earth by God to make my life complete and utter hell. Sure, when we were kids we were tight, but then he started to be a total dick, and that was the end of our loving relationship.

"Reggie Ray! My morning is infinitely better at seeing your beautiful face," he said, smirking.

I flipped him off, stumbling over to where the Cheerio's were and poured myself a bowl full.

"You know that sugary stuff goes straight to your thighs, and we don't want to mess up those!" I just ignored him, shovelling the sugary goodness into my mouth. Don't get me wrong, Logan may sound gay now, but he's only doing it to piss me off. He's most definitely not gay, judging by his long trail of ex-girlfriends. Or screw friends. Same thing to him. Stupid playboy.

Tori had already eaten and was upstairs fixing her make-up whilst James was down here eating breakfast with Logan. Logan practically lived here, even though his home was a massive mansion on a beautiful property. Stupid rich kid.

I'm the only non-early morning person in my family. Stupid morning. I started to hum a random tune that popped into my head.

The door slammed open and Lexie ran into the kitchen.

"Good morning to one and all! Lexie is in the house!" Another morning person. "Regan, you ready? Last year of school, last year of school!" She turned stern, "We will not be late like last year. I don't want to be sent to the principal's office on the first day of the last year of school!" She started dancing around the room, whilst I just looked on with a raised eyebrow. Talk about mood swings. Stupid mood swings.

Stupid everything.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the door. I only just managed to grab my bag and wave a quick goodbye to James. None for Logan.


A sharp poke woke me up from my wonderful dream. I looked up groggily and was confronted with the sour face of Mrs. Clark, my Math teacher. I was immediately awake, snapping up and giving her my most angelic smile.

"Pi r squared?"

The class laughed and Mrs. Clark's woolly eyebrows pulled down over her eyes.

"Miss Shanahan, you just earned your first trip to the principal's office, and we haven't even finished first period," she rebuked me, and walked back to her desk to write out an Office Slip. I sighed and picked up my bag. Lexie was giving me a dirty, so I just grinned at her.

I received my Office Slip, and walked out the door, hi-fiving Scott, another of my close friends.

I looked at the Office Slip. Reason: Falling asleep in class and rudeness, it read. Rudeness? I snorted. Mrs. Clark was a sour, old fart, who had a grudge against me for nothing. It wasn't my fault if I fell asleep in class! They should start later, or at least provide a Sleeping Period.

I entered the office and Miss Stanfeld looked up. Miss Stanfeld was about forty years old, and came to school every day dressed meticulously as if she was working as a secretary for a massive company, not a secretary for a high school. I ignored her and, other than her initial greeting, she ignored me.

"Mr Randal is in with someone at the moment, they'll be out soon."

I looked around the tedious office, quickly becoming bored. I started tapping my fingers in a beat against the chair, and then began tapping my foot along with it, ignoring the murderous glares sent by Miss Stanfeld. Just when she was about to yell at me, the door to the principal's office swung open and Logan and James trailed out, both glowering.

"What're you two doing here?" I asked curiously.

"Late. Gotta detention after school now," James answered, scowling.

"Aw, poor James-y and Logan-sy! Less time to chat up a girl now! God's forbid!" I put my hand against my forehead, leaning back. They threw me annoyed glances before stalking out. It was a well-known fact that my brother and Logan were the two hottest, most popular, most sought after guys in the year. How anyone can stand Logan, I'll never know.

I walked into the office.

Mr Randal look up, surprised. "Already in my office Miss Shanahan? Too bad your brother beat you to first in my office for the whole year."

I grinned. I liked Mr Randal. He seemed to have a soft spot for me, probably because of all the times I've been sent here. I like to think we have a bond. "Hey Mister Randal! How was your break?" I asked, lounging across one of the chairs.

"Now Miss Shanahan, don't side track me, I know your ways." I grinned. See? He knows me. "What have you been sent for this time?"

"I fell asleep in Mrs. Clark's class, and then I was 'rude'. But sir, she hates me! I dunno why either! Maybe she has a runaway daughter that I remind her of, or maybe—"

He cut me off. "Maybe you should just get more sleep and at least try to pay attention in class."
"Well, maybe if we had a Sleeping Period or something, I wouldn't need extra sleep! Or you could make school start at twelve instead of nine!"

Mr Randal just shook his head, smiling slightly. "You have a detention this afternoon with your brother and Logan. God knows that will never help."
"Sir, I'm hurt! You have no faith in me! I don't really need a detention; I can be a better person! I can—"

"Detention this afternoon and another if you don't get to your next class in time. Good bye Miss Shanahan."
I groaned and trudged out of the office in time to hear the bell ring.


Walking into the canteen with my yummy chocolate muffin, I looked around. My school, West Orlando High, was one of those schools where there is a 'Popularity Pyramid'. Not a population pyramid, a 'Popularity Pyramid'. It's like social hierarchy, the pecking order, something like that.

In the centre of the room is where the 'popular kids' sit. That includes Tori, her fellow Queen Bees Steph Avery and Adele Andrews, and their little followers.

Steph is a very pretty brunette with green eyes. She's an ultra bitch, and obsessed with James. I swear, in her locker she's written 'Stephanie Shanahan'. Gross, I know.

Adele has blonde hair and blue eyes and is so much like Tori that it's scary. She should be Tori's sister, instead of me! Adele is cheerleading captain and slut extraordinaire, not to mention Logan's on and off girlfriend. She's obviously pretty whacked up in the head.

Most of their followers all have that fake blonde hair, like Susan. They act like Tori, Steph and Adele, dress like them, and talk like them. A loathsome life to live. Hey, alliteration! Told you I was smart.

James and his little crew sometimes sit with them, but usually they sit in a corner. Did I say little crew? It's actually a massive group, another 'popular' group, filled with fellow soccer and basketball players. You'd think that the footballers would be the popular group, but no sir-ie! Football went out two years ago, and soccer is now the It sport.

I, personally, love soccer. I'm the Female Soccer Captain, whilst Logan is the Male Soccer Captain.

Back to the groups. There's a little clique for everyone: Goth, wannabe punks, math freaks, all round nerds, Asians, wangster's, wiger's, book worms, try hards, and, my favourite, The Outcasts.

Well, we're not really outcasts, people just call us that because we don't give a rat's ass about popularity. Shock horror! My little group sits on a corner table, and is made up of five people: Lexie Duff, Scott Melville, Mel Tills, her boyfriend Zac Overton and lastly, myself. We are the most awesome group in the world, no matter what everyone else says. Deep down, they know it.

"Sup my bitches?" I asked, grinning. What can I say; I'm a funny person.

Lexie stopped her conversation she was having with Zac and looked at me with narrowed eyes. "You promised not to get sent to the Principal. And what do you do? Get sent in first period! Couldn't you have held out for at least fourth? Or even better, tomorrow? Why Regan? Why?" she wailed, pretending to cry.

"God, Duffman, calm down. I only got a detention this arvo, that's it!"

"Whatcha do to get a detention this time?" Mel asked with a smile. I plonked down on the seat next to her.

"Fell asleep in Math."
"Oh, big surprise there!"

"Hey! That's not fair! Mrs. Clark's a bitch and has a stick stuck up her rear end!" I said indignantly.

Lexie's eyes focused on something behind me. "Bitch alert! Touch down in five…four…three…two…"

"Detention already, Shanahan?" asked a cold voice behind me. I rolled my eyes and turned around to look at Steph and her two cronies, who were currently giving me a dirty.

"Yes, Avery. Detention already. I'm substantially happier now that I know you take an interest in my life. Thank you." I turned back around to my delicious muffin. Just as I was about to take a gigantic bite out of it, The Bitch talked again.

"That goes straight to your thighs and, trust me, we don't want them getting any bigger." Her little cronies laughed.

Does she ever give up? And what's up with people making fun of my thighs today?

I turned around again. "Oh, I'm sorry I don't want to make me 'massive thighs' smaller by dieting your way, sticking a finger down your throat. Goodbye Avery."

I watched her small mind whirl, trying to think of a good comeback. I raised an eyebrow.

"Whatever, Shanahan." Steph turned on her three-inch heels and stalked away, giving me a dirty over her shoulder. How does she even walk in those shoes? Ah well, back to my muffin.

"Hi-5 Regan! Taking on the evil Stephanie Avery and coming out alive! That's me girl!" Scott whooped.

I pretended to blush. "Well, I'd like to thank my ma, and my pa, and my friends—"

"Yeah, yeah, wonderful you, la de da. To more important things, when does soccer start?" asked Lexie. Lexie and me had been soccer buddies for a long time. We actually met at a soccer camp. I can still remember that day.

A black haired eight-year-old girl ran towards me with the ball. I was playing defender, even though I usually played striker. I ran up to her, prepared to tackle the girl, but just as I was about to get the ball, the girl shoved me with her shoulder, knocking me to the ground.

The girl smirked at me and dribbled the ball around me. My eyes narrowed. She did not just…

Next thing I knew, I was flying through the air, tackling the stupid girl who tripped me over. We smashed into the ground with me on top of the other girl.

To my surprise, the girl stared at me and started laughing. I felt a small smile tug at my lips and laughed along with her, standing up and helping her up.

"I'm Regan," I introduced, holding out my hand.

"Lexie," the dark-haired girl said, before she flung her arms around me in a hug.

"Regan, Regan, Regan, Regan, Regan, Regan, Regan, Regan, Regan, Regan—"

"Shut up Duffman! Soccer's on tomorrow arvo. And before you rudely interrupted me, I was remembering when we met."

Lexie laughed, "Was that when I pushed you over and you tackled me? Man, that was funny!"

I joined in laughing.

The bell went, signalling the end of recess, and we trudged to our lockers. Mine was in the middle of Lexie and James. Thus meaning that Logan was next to James.

"Reggie-Ray! What do you have now?"

"Chemistry Williams. Goodbye Williams," I answered shortly.

"What a coincidence. I have the exact same thing," he said, smirking.

"Well, that's lovely. Lexie, walk," I demanded, turning around and walking off. I stopped when I realised she wasn't with me.

"You can walk with me Logan. She's just PMS-ing," I heard her say. I ground my teeth together, shot Lexie a death glare over my shoulder, and stalked off. Great best friend she is. She is definitely playing goalie tomorrow.

Did I forget to mention that Lexie has this major crush on Logan? Yeah, it's disgusting, I know. Now I'll have to put up with her telling me how wonderful he is all through lunch. Stupid Bane Of My Existence.