Random cornfield somewhere north of George, Washington

Prologue: August 14th 2009 12:35P.M. PST

Sati listened to the radio as she sat waiting for the service truck from Clock Tire the 24 hour tire store to come change her steer tire. The peterbilt was moving no where without it. Thank God she'd been in the field when It blew. Wiping the sweat from her hot face and cursing the non working air conditioner that left her sitting here in the 114 degree heat of eastern Washington, she switched from one channel to the next, finally settling on a news broadcast.

This just in, Several meteor strikes have been reported around the globe, at least 5 have been reported at this time and more may be coming in. Reports have come in from Las Vegas, Nevada, the nations of Brazil, Russia, Australia, And the Sudan. NASA officials are on their way to the meteor site in Nevada reportedly some 40 miles north of Las Vegas. The meteor apparently made land fall at approximately 10:00 PST. There have been no reports of damage or injury in any of the meteor sites. Crews at the Nevada site have already determined there is no harmful radiation coming from the site, but decline to comment on anything else about the site. The Governor of Nevada has declared a state of emergency until they can be sure the meteor carries no other threat. All commercial Air travel has been suspended around the world as multiple meteor strikes are extremely rare. Officials are confident that regularly scheduled flights will be resumed tomorrow. The nation has been placed on high alert until further notice, and all off duty military personnel are required to report to their duty stations. Please stay tuned to our station as we will bring you updated reports as we receive them.

Sati stared at the radio and shook her head. Nevada, too bad it hadn't wiped out a casino or two, or the Love Chapel, she thought. Sati grimaced as she thought of the place she'd been married at 4 years before. Glancing up she reached towards the radio switching it off, A truck bearing the name Clock Tires was pulling in to the field. " four hours" she groaned as she climbed out of the truck. "Well I guess that's a new speed record for these assholes"