Kitty's POV

It was easy for Gary to say the ritual was simple enough, but he didn't count on his mom and sister's interference. Anna insisted on finding me the perfect dress, acting more like this was a real wedding than anything, which to them I suppose it was. Still I knew someday I'd want an official white dress wedding that my mom could attend. She came back from a long shopping trip with 3 or 4 bags for me and 5 or 6 bags for her.

The dress she picked for me was a gorgeous chocolate brown affair, knee length and simple. It looked vaguely like one of those buckskin dresses you see on Indian Maidens in cartoons, but was made from silk. The rest of the bags proved to be lingerie and when I protested the need, she just said that Gary didn't always know his own strength. This had me so flustered she skipped away to try on her new clothes before I could get in another word.

Raven insisted on a full feast, despite the short notice and had various other women in and out of the kitchen at the townhouse at all hours of the day and night. Gary and I were staying in our dorm, but were often over at the Black house after classes. He used the time to deal with the counsel while Raven and Anna kept me from doing too much. My ribs were still painful, but I refused to let it affect what I had to do. I told myself Gary was just being overprotective.

Before I knew it, the full moon was starting to rise over the city. Ana and Raven had me locked in a bathroom for hours doing my hair and makeup. I was surprised when they finished that I still looked like me. My hair was an elaborate mix of braids, and ribbons. My face was…well it didn't look like I really had makeup on, but my face glowed, looked sleeker. I thanked both of them. I'd never have this sort of talent with makeup. They just smiled as they left me to wait.

Gary's POV

I never knew I could be so nervous, not even when I first asked Kitty out. I was standing in the middle of a clearing in the clan's forest land, just outside the city. My brothers stood with me, my mother and Ana would bring Kitty in, as a way to show that my entire family accepted her.

My father was sitting in a wheelchair behind me. As the official clan elder, he would lead the ceremony. I've lead one of these ceremonies in his stead before, and knew there was nothing too taxing for him to do, or I would never have let him do this.

In front of us were nearly 50 of the more involved members of the clan as witnesses. Between us was a bonfire. Everyone was unnaturally still, waiting. All of them had seen Kitty at the last meeting, but few had really looked at her, now was their chance.

In the distance I heard a call pull up. That would be Mom and Ana bringing Kitty. I hoped Mom talked Ana out of dressing Kitty in high heels. Sure she was short compared to me, but she'd probably break a leg trying to follow the path in heels. As they made their way into the clearing, I noticed the moccasin-like flats on Kitty's feet with relief. Then, I noticed nothing else. She was beautiful. She was mine. The beast in me rose, begging to mate. I ruthlessly thrust it to the back of my mind. She isn't comfortable with that yet, I reminded myself.

I barely remember the ceremony. All I could do was look at Kitty. She was my everything. Before I knew it we were all sitting down to eat. I was starving, but not for food.

Kitty's POV

The ceremony was beautiful. It was mostly in whatever you call the language the Blackfoot spoke. Blackfootnese, maybe? It wasn't till we sat down to eat that I started to get nervous. There was no way I could eat. I sipped at my wine, trying to keep my stomach calm. It took almost an hour for the people to lose interest in me and pay more attention to their food. Fifteen minutes later, Gary nodded to me. We both stood up. I slipped my hand into his and followed him…into the woods? I stopped.

"Gary where are we going?"

"To my cabin. All the families have them out here." He paused waiting for me. I nodded and continued to follow him. I was so nervous I wasn't sure how my legs were still holding me up. Gary felt it, because the next thing I knew he'd picked me up bridal style, careful of my still mending ribs. I cuddled my head against his chest. He was so warm, I hadn't realized I was cold till I felt the difference. "Knowing my luck you'll get sick. This is what I get for letting Ana dress you in silk." I could hear the self depreciation in his voice.

"Don't be silly. I was plenty warm by the fire. It's just rather chilly out here."

"Then I guess we're lucky I had Tony build up the fire in the cabin earlier. Should be nice and toasty in there." It made me nervous again to think of the cabin and the night ahead. I guess he felt that too because he said, "Remember Kitty, I can wait. I will wait. I want you when you're ready, not a moment before."

In that second, I realized just how lucky I was. I have a gorgeous, kind, sweet, caring boyfriend that would do anything for me. One that loved me. Suddenly nothing else mattered. The only problem was: I didn't know how to tell him. I could see the lights of the cabin now. I needed a way to tell him. My throat felt glued shut from the nerves. Wait. If he could feel my nerves, could I make him feel my acceptance? I closed my eyes. I didn't even know what my acceptance would feel like, so how could I share it?

Suddenly it felt like a door opened in my head, and I could feel Gary's presence on the other side. Mentally I took a step towards it, poked my head out it and could feel his attention shifting towards me.

"Kitty" I'd heard his voice fill with this sort of emotion only once before, when he'd asked me not to be scared of him. I could never be scared of him. "You're sure? I mean absolutely?" I could only nod, the link between us unbroken. He ran the last steps to cabin.

The cabin was warm. Gary put me down inside and then walked into the small kitchen area for some more wine. The living room had a huge fireplace that seemed to warm up the entire place. I could see several doors down a short hall which I imagined led to bedrooms. There was also a small upper floor, just half the length of the cabin, that Gary had told me was the master bedroom, which also had its own fireplace. Raven had obviously done the decorating in here, the furniture was lovely but comfortable, and brightly colored. The overall effect was one of warmth and love.

"Let's sit in front of the fireplace for a while, love." Gary came back in with two wine glasses. I nodded in agreement, taking my glass from him as we moved to sit. He maneuvered until I was sitting between his legs resting my back against his chest. It was one of my favorite ways to sit with him. It also never failed to relax me.

We sat that way for so long it seemed completely natural when he lifted my head up to meet his lips. I didn't even realized when I'd turned completely over to have better access. My hands on his shoulders, I raised up on my knees, changing the angle on the kiss, his hands were buried in my hair. I think Gary was trying to flip me over when we both fell off the couch. Somehow he managed to land underneath me cushioning me from the floor, but the fall stick sent a jolt to my healing ribs. I couldn't help but cry out.

Gary understood in an instant. "Oh! Shit! I'm so stupid. I should have been more careful." It took me a second to gain my breath back. Once the pain died down I gently rolled off of him.

"It's okay. We were both into it. I'm fine."

"I'm going to be extra careful with you I promise. That is…if you still wanna…" I just nodded. He scooped me up and headed for the stairs.

Gary's POV

It started to rain around midnight. I hadn't even noticed the change in pressure, or the clouds sneaking in. The rain woke me up from a light doze. I shifted to pull Kitty closer to me, which accidentally woke her up. "Gary?"

"It's okay, love, go back to sleep." I swore to myself, I'd never let a night go by without calling her love.

"We didn't use a condom…" She was only half awake, and I was surprised she thought about it.

"It's okay, there is a stock of sterilizing herbs in the kitchen. I ate some."

"Okay." I thought she'd fallen back asleep, but "Was it okay?"

"Darling, it was amazing."

"Good. I thought so too." She went back to sleep. It was then I noticed that my arm was around her abdomen, and it hadn't hurt her. Her ribs were healed.

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