This body, it is beautiful, no matter what they say.
This body will stay beautiful until I fade away.
This body is my own, my comfort and my home,
This body is all that I have to save me when alone.
This body is a vessel for all that I really am,
This body is my safe house to protect me from the thing called "man."
This body moves with its own grace, though it doesn't have so much;
This body trips, this body falls, it bruises, bleeds, and still can touch.
This body lives so wonderfully: it breathes, it talks, and laughs.
This body, it can handle every hard and violent crash.
This body smiles and beams so proudly,
This body cries and screams quite loudly.
This body, it is beautiful, I say that as my honest vow;
This body, though, can still feel pain, and so its beauty it does doubt.