Show me violence, but be sweet,
Kindly sweep me off my feet.
Strongest grasp but gentlest touch,
Spinning like nothing's enough.
Lead me to a place unknown,
Show me what I've never been shown.
There was a time you looked at me
And I knew not what we would be.
When was it that I looked at you,
And then suddenly I knew?
When did eyes so full of hate
Draw me in and become my bait?
Lured to you now, I am lost
Here in your eyes, so star-crossed.
Now just press your lips to mine,
Provoke in me a way to find
Where we belong in this cruel world,
Where love's flag always appears furled.
Take me down, let me see you,
Show me all your hands can do.
Hold me and don't make a fuss,
For in this world, there's only us.