Catch my memories of here,
Breathe so lightly, hold me near,
Don't allow me to prepare,
Off my guard, clutch my hair,
Quickly turn the world around
(You're the answer that I've found),
Be the world that's crashing down,
Be what keeps me safe and sound,
Listen sweetly to my words,
Make me feel like I am heard,
Take me down to what you know,
But be willing to let me go,
Fill me with the darkest light,
Be willing, for me, to fight,
Let me get lost in your tune,
Kiss me softly 'neath the moon,
Let me watch your fingers dance,
Let me fall into a trance,
Take my skies—now blank like new—
And color them the deepest blue,
Be my guard, let me guard you,
Remember: I'm imperfect too,
Take my lips as though I'm yours
(I'll help inspire every score),
Be my loving arms to hold,
Be yourself, shy or bold,
Be my sunlight and my rain,
Don't let all this be a game,
Let me know that you do care,
Don't laugh at me now I'm bared,
Let me help discard your mask,
Though it's all too much to ask,
Let me take your pleading hand,
Be my one, I know you can.