I crumble in your presence,
I'm helpless when you're near,
I tremble when you hold me,
Or whisper in my ear.

I'm lame when you're beside me,
I'm weak beneath your gaze,
I yield each time you touch me,
Trapped within your dangerous maze.

I try to keep my distance
When I think you're getting close,
But every time I turn around,
I see you, and I overdose.

The day I would have died
For just one tender kiss,
You shunned me from your life,
But I have learned deal with this.

But now you pull me back
Into your sweet embrace,
And as I mean to step away,
You clutch me and caress my face.

I try now not to fall
The way I fell last time,
But with your arms around me now,
I stumble out of line.

This time I won't surrender
When you hold me to your chest;
I swear I won't give in this time,
'Cause now I'm at my best.

I swear I won't submit to you,
I will be stronger, now,
But last time I swore all the same,
And crumbled anyway, somehow.