To know that beating thunders on
Within me keeps me whole and strong,
And that I've not yet found my love
Keeps me turned to the great above.
But this my eyes do so behold:
The blooming greed for pow'r and gold
Now does negate what good's been done
For now they work just for the one.
Could ever two that swear to fight
Lay down their swords? Embrace what's right?
Would ever lips sworn just to curse
Indulge others with loving verse?
Will ever youth be free to find
That every one's of the same kind?
Although he makes a wholesome claim,
Remember: man's not one to tame,
For he will make so smart his lies,
And without effort, hypnotize
What fools would let his words ring true
Within their hearts, now over-due
To gain what they've for so long craved:
A love and peace to dub them saved.
Could all let turn their hateful stares
Upon the sky that makes truth bared,
Most then would see what goals are real,
What makes man have the strength to feel,
The purpose for our blood to course
Inside us with no slight remorse;
Most then would realize love fuels all:
Love's saved nations, made some fall;
Love has conquered hate and war,
Love is all some still live for.
Many find a weak'ning kiss
Is greater still than even this:
A victory to strengthen greed
For wealth that not just victors need;
It could be the truest decree
That love is all one needs to see
The beauty that lies in the good
Of doing simply what we should
For noble sake of love, so firm,
That makes even the angels squirm.
To hear that beating in my heart
Makes me yearn deeper for the start
Of this, a world founded on love:
A treasure from the great above.