Oh! that it could find me where I lie
Awake, in wait, for its sweet rays to fly
In through my blurry window I've kept shut,
For mindless sorrow's bound me in this rut.
Oh! that it would realize I wait still,
My restlessness grown hungry for the stretching years to kill,
Then would my heart be eased by what it sends,
Or would it reach me just to be my end?
But should it be that I should hide away
From that which might bring me deep hurt someday,
Or wouldn't it be best to just wait on,
And bravely greet what finds me in the dawn,
Despite that all I have built here, inside,
Might in the end be swallowed by this new and unknown tide?
Oh! that it would come to stop the time
That's made me sick with dread for my own rhyme.
You see, with every moment left like this,
My words become a bore you will not miss,
Except perhaps to look back on, tomorrow,
And muse if I've been left yet by my sorrow.
Oh! that it could find me here, already,
Helping me to hold my balance steady,
Then I know that I would feel some peace,
And maybe then my silly rhymes would cease.
Oh! that it would come to me, right now,
And bring to me the hope I lost, somehow,
For I have started struggling now to lie
That I don't care if ever I see love in someone's eye.