I can't stop this whirlpool
That we struggle through, in vain,
And I can't help but wonder
If we'll ever be the same.
Chains we bear won't leave us,
But we've hacked at them our best,
We've marched on, still defiant,
And we'll be glad to find a rest.
We've all done our time
Behind the bars of guilt and shame,
And we've all felt the wrath
Of the dreaded "heartbreak" game.
We've shared tears together
That were undeserved to cry,
We have all gripped hands and
Wiped all of our shared tears dry.
We will leave the others be
When they hide from the rest,
Assuming that to hide
Is what that person feels is best.
We will always be there
When one needs a hand to hold;
We will stay united
As together, we grow old.
I can't stop the ones who choose
To leave our stronghold now,
But I won't lie: I do not know
Why someone would, or how.
At this point in time for us
Our bonds will keep us sane,
For in numbers, we'll feel less
The all-consuming pain.
Aiding one another
In this constant, epic battle,
I am sure we'd all agree that
With one down, we all are rattled.
I won't lie: It breaks my heart
To see one walk away,
And, yes, it's true, it hurts much more
When they lie that they've stayed.
At this acme of our lives,
We cannot wheel around
To focus on the traitor who
Might pull us back to ground.
On this whirlpool rages,
But we've come now to a stop:
The center of our troubles—
We'll now pray our hold won't drop.
And so this new beginning starts,
And we'll go with a smile
Through this maze we've so dubbed "life,"
And love each other all the while.