When I close my eyes,
Sometimes I think that I can smell you near me.
When I cry for you,
I sometimes wonder if you'll ever hear me.
Your stare is so empty, but
Somehow it's managed to peel me.
When I touch your hand,
I wonder if you even feel me.

Details of your eyes will never leave,
And my mind is overflowing with you.
I'm trying so hard to get distracted,
But no matter what I do:
You've infected me, and now
My hands just won't stop shaking.
It's all that I can do
Just to keep myself from breaking.

I just can't help it:
Yearning for your arms to hold,
For you to get me out,
And take me away from this cold.
I get endless chills
When I hear your voice from behind,
But when I turn, I often find
That your words were only in my mind.