I can taste your breath inside my every bone,
I love your smile like it was my home.
Yes, every touch does shock my skin,
And every glance feels like a sin.
I wonder if I've crossed your dreams.
Not once, it seems.

I can hear vibrations of your every word
Tremble right through me in a tempting chord.
Yes, every note plays me to sleep,
And makes me dream it's you I keep.
Am I ever on your mind?
I'm not, I find.

I can feel your hands as they reach in my heart,
Teasing me slowly with what cannot start.
So if you hear my hollowed screams,
You'll know that you are in my dreams,
Please tell me when this did commence.
I've no defense.

I can't see the beauty I thought was inside.
Was it once there, or had I simply lied?
Did I see you the way I hoped,
And are you nothing but a joke?
Will you embrace me someday?
Please go away.