There's a raging war that I'm trying to fight,
And it won't leave me be this endless night,
But I try so hard that I manage to pretend.

And though I know that love can be pain,
There are people running, scared, through the rain
Being forced to kill their family and their friends.

So while far away those people bleed,
And lack the basic things they need,
I cry, but don't suffer really, at all.

Yes, I swear to you, my pain's not real
When compared to horrors that others feel,
And I try to stand for them, but always fall.

Still, while elsewhere blood soaks into the ground,
And people are lost, who can't be found,
Insignificant pain makes me shed guilty tears.

'Cause every time you walk into my heart,
And then step back out before something can start,
You break me down, and feed my growing fears.

Now snow is falling through the day,
But its empty whiteness can't chase away
The terror and the death that plagues mankind.

And although the sun still brightly burns,
And this white winter glows as the earth slowly turns,
There is nothing that can ease all troubled minds.