Everything is quiet
And I'm feeling oddly calm,
When just last night I could have sworn
I was a ticking bomb.
I am lacking sleep,
And my eyes are drooping now,
But with my friends around me,
I'm so content somehow.
Nobody is speaking,
Sleep's on every mind,
And as some snore, and others sigh,
I'm getting rest, I find.
Sun explodes in angry jets
Across our messy floor,
While tantalizing songs of birds
Waft through our open door.
Heat of summer holds us down,
No one wants to move or speak;
Even as the sun invites us
Out, we're all too weak.
It almost seems impossible
That sun can shine so bright,
After such a madly hectic,
Traumatizing, sleepless night.
I am just so tired,
I wish I could be free,
And let that peaceful feeling of
Delightful sleep wash over me.