Oh, to close your eyes and find
That wondrous, peaceful state of mind,
It's all that I would ask for now,
But still, it seems, that I somehow
Just can't find rest this warm spring night;
Indeed, my window's growing light.
Five AM has come and gone;
The world is bright, so sleep feels wrong.
I've missed my chance, so here I am,
Wide awake, with pen in hand,
Trying to write myself to sleep,
While morning birds outside do speak.
Their cheerful songs that greet my ears
Wipe away all thoughts and fears,
While blending into daybreak's quiet
That's so soft, and sweetly silent.
Darkest blue has become white;
Sunrise comes, but feels not right.
Rays of sunshine flood inside
My bedroom in which I reside,
Where still I try as though enchanted
To find that sleep you take for granted.